Want to pay using crypto?

No problem, Drip Depot takes a variety of payments and we will work with you to facilitate a secure, seamless and smooth transaction.

Here is how it works

  1. Create your order by adding items to your shopping cart.
  2. Contact our customer service department at Drip Depot <support@dripdepot.com> and attach your shopping cart number which will be shown here after you add your items to your cart. Include your preffered method of payment.
  3. Our customer service department will verify your items, quantities and totals.
  4. Once your order is finalized you will be sent payment details on how to remit payment using your chosen payment method or one of our accepted crypto currencies if we do not accept your preffred method.
  5. After your payment is received your order will ship out normally.

Have questions?

We are here to help. Just send email to Drip Depot <support@dripdepot.com>