Drip Depot Irrigation Sitemap


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Senninger Riser Adapter
Senninger Punch
Perma-loc Tee Valves by Irritec
Irritec TIF Replacement Filter for Extra Large T- Filter Cartridge
Irritec T Filter-Extra Large TIF Cartridge w/ Stainless Steel Clamp
Bowsmith Non-Stop Dripper
Hunter PGP Riser Seals
Salco Dripper Caps
Signature 7000 and 7500 series Nozzle Insertion Collar
Rivulis Pro-Flat Layflat Hose 1.5"
Toro Blueline Classic Non-PC
RainBird Variable Arc Nozzle w/Screen
RainBird ESP-TM2 Controller
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Push to Fit 1" Valve
Antelco 1/2" MPT X Female Adapter
Antelco Potstream Adjustable Dripper
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x FPT Adapter
Jain Octa-Bubbler Port Plug
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Release Tool
1 Acre Farm Kit
Hydro Rain PVC-Lock 2 in 1 Drip Regulator & Filter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock 2-in-1 Drip Regulator & Filter
3 Zone 24 VAC 1" PVC-Lock Manifold
4 Zone 24 VAC 1" PVC-Lock Manifold
2 Zone 24 VAC 1" PVC-Lock Manifold
Replacement O-Ring for Irritec Large T-Filter
Hendrickson Bros 1/2" Check Valve
Hendrickson Bros Mini Pressure Regulator
Antelco Tidy Bow
Automation Kit for Dual Chamber Sand Media Filter
Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamp
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert End Plug
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert x Slip Adapter
Irritec 5/8" Drip Tape Y
Irritec Starter Y Valve
Irritec Layflat x NPT Adapter
Automated Farm Kit
Flexi-Flat Layflat Hose by Irritec
2 Way Dripper Manifold Assembly w/Drip Arrow Sticks
3M Cable Ties Bags of 100 by Paige
Paige 18 AWG/ 2 Low Voltage Lighting Cable
Paige Cable Stripping Tool
Paige Indoor/Outdoor Power Cord
3M Rubber Splicing Tape by Paige
3M 2" Heavy Duty Duct Tape
2" Economy Duct Tape by Paige
Electrical Tape by Paige
3M Super 33 Electrical Tape by Paige
Ideal WeatherProof Silicone Filled Wire Nuts
Senninger Drain Stop Plus
Senninger Xcel-Wobbler
Senninger Wobbler
Senninger Triad Spray
Senninger T-Spray
3M Direct Bury Splice Kit by Paige
Indoor Digital Astronomical Timer
Paige Outdoor Mechanical Timer
Paige 18 AWG / 9 Wire
Hydro-Rain Bhyve Pro Wi-Fi Controller
Underhill EasyCap
Underhill 3/4" ProLine Gold Hose
Underhill Mini-Magnum Nozzle
Underhill 5/8" ProLine Gold Hose
Underhill Pressure Gauge w/Schrader Valve Adapter and Flex Hose
Underhill PatternMaster Gold Series Nozzle
Underhill ProSpray Gun
Underhill Extender Water Wand
Underhill Replacement Mud Guard for Gulp Hand Pump
Underhill 1" Brass Hose Adapter
Underhill AuditMaster LT Kit
Underhill Hose Thread Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
Underhill Pressure Gauge w/adapter for Female Nozzles
Underhill Pitot Tube W/ Flex Hose and Pressure Gauge
Underhill Catch Can Pro Sprinkler Performance Testing Kit - Pack 12
Underhill Precision Rainbow Hose Nozzle
Underhill CoolPro Valve and Hose Nozzle
Underhill Precision CoolPro Fog Hose Nozzle
Adjustable Garden Nozzle
Underhill TurfSpy Early Stress Detection Glasses
Sweeper Power Nozzle
Underhill Precision Rainmaker Hose Nozzle
Underhill Precision Cloudburst Hose Nozzle
Solid Brass Hose Thread Shut Off Valve by Underhill
Underhill Drain Blaster Drain Cleaning Nozzle
Underhill 3/4" UltraMax Clear Hose 150 PSI
Underhill 3/4" UltraMax Blue Hose 300 PSI
Underhill Clear Gulp Syringe Hand Pump
Underhill Clear Gulp-Water Removal Hand Pump
Underhill Big Gulp Water Removal Hand Pump
K-Rain Nozzle/Shrub Adapter
Rivulis D5000 Flow Regulated 5/8" Drip Tape
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert Tee
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert Elbow
Claber Aqua Magic
Corona ComfortGEL Anvil Pruner - 3/4 in
Corona ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner
Corona Hydroponic Finger Micro Snip
Corona Hydroponic Micro Snip
Corona Hydroponic Scissors
Corona Stainless Steel Long Curved Snip
Corona Stainless Steel Short Curved Snip
Corona Grape Shear
Corona Bypass Pruner
Corona Forged Aluminum Bypass Pruner - Rolling Handle
Corona Forged Aluminum Bypass Pruner
Corona ClassicCUT Bypass Pruner
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Tubing for Reclaimed Water
K-Rain Pro EX 2.0 Expansion Module - 4 Station
K-Rain Pro EX 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Controller
Jain Spin Clean High Flow Filters
Toro Evolution AG Smart Connect Plug-In Receiver
Toro Evolution AG Wireless Handheld Remote
Toro Evolution AG Wireless Auxilliary Relay
Toro Evolution AG Soil Sensor Probe
Toro Evolution AG Wireless Weather Sensor
Irritrol SR-1 Pump Start Relay by Toro Ag
Toro Evolution AG Expansion Module
Toro Evolution AG Series Controller
RainBird 1800 Series Pop-up Spray Head - No Nozzle
RainBird Expansion Module for ESP-Me and ESP-SMTe Series Timers
RainBird ESP4Me Wi-Fi Compatible Irrigation Controller
RainBird 12 Station Expansion Module for ESP-LX Series Controllers
RainBird Inline Plastic Industrial Irrigation Valve
RainBird Residential Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve w/Flow Control
RainBird DV/DVF Series Inline Plastic Residential Irrigation Valve
RainBird Falcon Rotor Full-Circle Pattern Nozzle
RainBird 3500 Series Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler
RainBird 8005 Series Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler
RainBird Maxi-Bird 1/2 in Impact Sprinkler with Blue #08 Nozzle
RainBird Maxi-Paw Impact Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler
RainBird WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor Combo
RainBird PGA Inline Plastic Residential/Commercial Irrigation Valve
RainBird Plastic Shrub Adapter
RainBird Maxi-Paw Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler Wrench and Lifting Tool
RainBird HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valves
RainBird Rotor Hold up Tool with Level
RainBird Rotor Tool
Four Way Key
Dawn Nipple Extractor
Dawn 10 " Mini Hack Saw
Dawn Wire Stripper/Cutter
Dawn Ergonomic Wire Stripper/Cutter
PVC KwikRepair Coupler
Dawn KwikRepair Tee
Hunter 800SR Series MP Rotator
6 Zone 1" PVC-Lock Push to Fit Manifold Kit
4 Zone 1" PVC-Lock Push to Fit Manifold Kit
2 Zone 1" PVC-Lock Push to Fit Manifold Kit
Brass 4 Way Manifold
Orbit Yard Enforcer
Orbit Brass Impact w/Stand
Orbit Professional 1/4" Punch Gun
Orbit Sprinkler Tool Kit
Orbit PVC Cutter
Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Lighting Controller
Hydro-Rain Lighting Motion Sensor
Hydro-Rain 6" LED Landscape Spotlight
Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Spotlight
Hydro-Rain 12" LED Landscape Pathlight
Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Pathlight
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Manifold Tee
Hydro-Rain Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor
Hydro-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor
Hydro-Rain HRC 980 Hose Timer
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Barbed Adapter Tee
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Barbed Adapter
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Auto Drain Valve
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x Blu-Lock Swing Tee
1" Poly Pipe Cutter by Hydro-Rain
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Push Fit 1" Valve
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock x MPT Combo Swing Joint
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Swing Pipe Adapter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Street Ell Assembly
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Swing Pipe
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Tubing
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Adapter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Cap
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Coupler Adapter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Tee Adapter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Elbow
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Coupler
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Tee
MixRite 3.5 Series
Full Port Brass Ball Valve by Jain
Jain FlexStrap Tree Ties
Chapin Deluxe 5/8" Drip Tape by Jain
Senninger 2" Ultra High Flow Pressure Regulator
Irritec Layflat Plug
Tubing Curls by Irritec
Layflat/Oval Hose Reducing Coupler by Irritec
Stainless Steel Bolt Clamps
Layflat x Male Threads Adapter
1.5" Layflat Coupler
Dema FlexFlow
Dema EasyDose - 115/230VAC w/Power Supply
Claber Replacement Faucet Connector
Octa-bubbler Repair Kit by Jain
Dema Y Blend Center
Irritec THF Replacement Filter for Large T- Filter Cartridge
Claber 8487 Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Water Timer
Signature Pro Series Wrench
K-Rain Flatblade Adjustment Tool for SUPERPRO
K-Rain RPS75 Adjustment Tool
K-Rain MiniPro K-Key Adjustment Tool
K-Rain Rotary Nozzle Arc Adjustment Tool
K-Rain Specialty Nozzles
K-Rain RPS 46 Mini Controller
Hydro-Cleanse by EZ-Flo
K-Rain Pro S Spray Bodies
K-Rain Pro 150 Jar Top Valve
K-Rain Pro 150 Valve
K-Rain Nozzles
K-Rain Variable Arc Nozzles
K-Rain Specialty Rotary Nozzle
K-Rain Rotary Nozzle
K-Rain Mini Pro Rotor
K-Rain Super Pro Rotor
K-Rain RPS75i Sprinkler Rotor
Salco Bubbler Emitter w/TruCheck
Salco Bubbler Emitter w/TruCheck for Reclaimed Water
Salco Multi-Outlet 1/2" FPT Drip Manifold
Salco Multi-Outlet Barbed Drip Manifold
Salco PC Multi-Outlet 1/2" FPT Emitter
Salco Pro-Spec Multi-Outlet Emitter on 1/2" FPT
Salco PC Multi-Outlet Barbed Emitter
Salco Spintech Manual Flush Filter
DIG 3/4" Nipple MHT X MPT
Salco Pro-Spec Multi-Outlet Emitter on Barb
Jain Octa-Bubbler Flow Control Device
Octa-Bubbler 8 Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold by Jain
Skydrop 8 Zone Expansion Modules
Basic Irrigation Maintenance/Repair Kit
Deluxe Irrigation Maintenance/Repair Kit
K-Rain BL-KR Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller
Standard Irrigation Maintenance/Repair Kit
Drip Irrigation Storage Bucket
Dig Deluxe Punch with Cutter
DIG BO9D Hose-End Timer
Galcon Bluetooth Single Station Controller with Valve
Tempo Basin Kit
Antelco Vari-Jet Mister on Flex Assembly
Antelco Inverted Rotor Max Sprinkler
Antelco Rotor Max
Compression Reducing Coupler
Salco Bug Caps
Tempo Square Catch Basin
Tempo 6" Round Catch Basin
EZ-Flo PVC Replacement Tank Only
SpinRite PC Micro Sprinkler by Irritec
Tempo Square Atrium Grates
Tempo Square Flat Grates
3" Tempo Flat Brass Grate w/ PVC Collar
Tempo 6" Square Universal Grate
Tempo Round Atrium Grates
Tempo Round Grates
Hunter Pro-Spray PRS30
AlgoPlus All Purpose Formula
Tefen 1/8" MPT Misters
Toro T5 Rapid Set Series
Galcon 24 VAC Electric Valve w/Flow Control
Galcon Irrigation Valve with DC Latching Solenoid
Galcon DC Battery Operated Irrigation and Propagation 2 Wire Controller
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Tubing x Tape Reducing Tee Adapter
Hunter PS Ultra Spray Body
MixRite TF-3 Series Fertilizer Injector
MixRite TF-5 Series Fertilizer Injector
MixRite TF-10 Series Fertilizer Injector
Tempo 4 Zone Drip Head
Irritec iDrop PCDS w/ CNL Emitter with Barbed Outlet
Swing Joint Assembly with one Swivel Connector
Irritec T-Filter -Large THF Cartridge with Stainless Steel Clamp
Irritec Speed Riser Tubing
Rivulis T-Tape 5/8" Drip Tape
Aqua-Traxx 5/8" Drip Tape by ToroAg
Dura 1" Manifold
Irritec Plastic 1/2" MPT Part Circle Impact Sprinkler
Irritec Brass 3/4" Full Circle 27 Degree Trajectory Nozzle and Plug
Replacement Lids for Dura Rectangle Valve Box
Dura Round Valve Box Replacement Lids
Irritec iDrop Button Dripper
Dura Valve Box Extensions
Dura Rectangle Valve Box
Dura Round Valve Box
Swing Pipe x FPT Elbow Adapter
Global 1/2" MPT Poly Risers
Swing Pipe Tee by Tempo
Swing Pipe x MPT Tee Adapter
Cut-Off Risers
Funny Pipe Street Ells
Swing Pipe x MPT Elbow Adapter
Swing Pipe Barbed Coupler by Tempo
Swing Pipe x MPT Coupling Adapter
Hit Swing Joint Assembly w/ Two Swivel Connections
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Perma-Loc Tape Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Perma-Loc Tape Reducing Elbow
Signature 9501 Series Valves
Irritrol 200B Series Valve
Irritrol 205 Series 1" FPT
Irritrol Total Control Series
Hunter I-Core 6 Station Controllers
Hunter XC-Hybrid Controller
Hunter X-Core Outdoor Controller
Hunter PGV-ASV Valves
Hunter ICV Globe Valves w/ Filter Sentry
Irritrol Rain Dial-R Series Controller
Irritrol KD2 Outdoor Series
Barb Tubing x FPT Elbow Adapter
Barb Tubing x FPT Side Outlet Tee Adapter
Barb Tubing x MPT Elbow Adapter
Barb Tubing x FPT Side Outlet Elbow Adapter
Barb Tubing Reducing Cross
Barb Tubing Reducing Coupling
Standard Automated Vacation Plant Watering Kit
Standard Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit
Deluxe Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit
Premium Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit
Basic Automated Vacation Plant Watering Kit
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Small Farms
Basic Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Small Farms
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening
Ultimate Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening
Ultimate Drip Irrigation Kit for Small Farms
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Small Farms
Basic Drip Irrigation Kit for Trees
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Trees
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Trees
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Trees
Ultimate Drip Irrigation Kit for Trees
1/2" Mainline - 25 PSI Head Assembly with Canister Filter
1/2" Mainline - 25 PSI - 2 Zone Head Assembly with Inline Filters
1/2" Mainline - 15 PSI Head Assembly
1/2" Mainline - 15 PSI - 2 Zone Head Assembly
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Window Boxes
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Window Boxes
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Window Boxes
1/2" Mainline - 25 PSI Head Assembly with Inline Filter
1/4" Mainline - 25 PSI Head Assembly
1/2" Mainline - 25 PSI Tee Filter Head Assembly
1/2" Mainline - 25 PSI - 2 Zone Head Assembly
3/4" Mainline - 25 PSI - 2 Zone Head Assembly
3/4" Mainline - 25 PSI Head Assembly
3/4" Mainline - 15 PSI - 2 Zone Head Assembly
3/4" Mainline - 15 PSI Head Assembly
Basic Drip Irrigation Kit for Hanging Baskets
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Hanging Baskets
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Hanging Baskets
Basic Drip Irrigation Kit for Vineyard
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Vineyard
1 Zone 24 VAC 1" Manifold Kit
2 Zone 24 VAC 1" Manifold Kit
3 Zone 24 VAC 1" Manifold Kit
4 Zone 24 VAC 1" Manifold Kit
Basic Drip Irrigation and Microsprinkler Kit for Landscapes
Standard Drip Irrigation and Microsprinkler Kit for Landscapes
Deluxe Drip Irrigation and Microsprinkler Kit for Landscapes
Premium Drip Irrigation and Microsprinkler Kit for Landscapes
Ultimate Drip Irrigation and Micro-sprinkler Kit for Landscapes
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Row Crops
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Row Crops
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Row Crops
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Container Gardening
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Container Gardening
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Container Gardening
Ultimate Drip Irrigation Kit for Container Gardening
Deluxe Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Clean Water
Standard Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water
Deluxe Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water
Premium Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Dirty Water
Premium Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Clean Water
Basic Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens
Standard Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens
Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens
Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens
Ultimate Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens
Standard Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation Kit for Clean Water
AlgoPlus Flowering Plant
AlgoPlus House Plants
AlgoPlus Geranium and Patio Plants
AlgoPlus Regenerator
Global MPT Reducing Nipple
Global 3/4" FPT X 3/4" FPT Adapter
AlgoPlus Acid Loving Plant Formula
Adjustable Mini Bubbler on 6" Stake by Tempo
Jain 360 Degree Micro Spinner
Claber Rain Sensor
Claber 8420 Duplo Evolution Digital Water Timer
Claber Video 2-Cycle Water Timer
Claber 8422 Aquauno Logica Water Timer
EZ-Flo Replacement Low Pressure Hose Bibb Connector
Replacement 1/4" Tubing Valve for EZ-Flo
EZ-Flo Replacement Cap O-Ring
Global 1/2" FPT x Barb Tubing Elbow Adapter
Global 1/2" FPT Adapter x 1/4" Barbed Tee
Global 10-32 Threads Coupling
1/2" Ratchet Clamp
Replacement Screen for Inline Hose Filter by Global
Hendrickson Bros Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold
Hendrickson Bros Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold with Flow Control
1/2" Riser Extension with 1/4" Swivel Barbed Elbow
1/2" Riser Adapter with 1/4" Swivel Barbed Tee by Hit
Bug Plug
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Barbed Adapter Valve w/grommet
Stay-Put Wire Anchor
6" Heavy Duty Wire Staple
EZ-Flo 1 Gallon Hose End High Pressure System
7.0mm Punch for 400 Barb
Antelco Adjustable Vortex Fan Sprayer on 1/2" FNPT
Adjustable Mini Bubbler on 1/2" FNPT by Antelco
1/2" Air Vacuum Relief Valve by DIG
Pocket Punch
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Barb Takeoff Adapter
Compression Tubing x MHT Tee Adapter by DIG
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Slip Tee Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc 5/8" Tape x MPT Adapter Valve
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Socket Cross Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Compression Tubing Coupling Adapter
FHTS x MHT Tee Adapter
Irritec FHT End Cap Flush Valve
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x FHTS Tee Adapter with Schrader valve
Perma-Loc Tape x NPT Flush Valve End Cap Adapter
3/4" FHT Dry Pressure Gauge
Irritec 7/8" Perma-Loc Tape x MHT Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Slip Adapter Valve
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Barb Tubing Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Layflat Adapter
Antelco eZyvalve 4 Zone Valve Box
Claber Select Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer
Claber 8587 Quick-Fit Tap Connector Set
DIG ECO1 ASV Ambient Light (Solar) Powered Irrigation Controller
Manifold System Tee: 1"Slip x 1"MPT x 1" FPT Swivel
Manifold System Ell:1" MPT x 1" FPT Swivel
Manifold System Ell:1" FPT Swivel x 1" FPT Swivel
Manifold System Ell:1" Slip x 1" FPT Swivel
Manifold System Cross:1" FPT Swivel x 1" MPT x 1" FPT Swivel x 1" FPT Swivel
Manifold System Cross:1"Slip x 1"MPT x 1"FPT Swivel x 1"FPT Swivel
Manifold System Adapter: 1" FPT Swivel x 1" MPT
Manifold System Coupling:1"FPT Swivel x 1" FPT Swivel
Irritec Perma-loc Tape x Layflat Valve
Layflat Cutter for Teardrop Fittings
DIG 1/4" Heavy Duty Hold Stakes
Irritec Perma-loc Tubing Reducing Tee Valve
DIG - 1/4" Insertion Tool
Antelco Shrubbler 360 Degree Pressure Compensating Dripper on Spike
Antelco Shrubbler 360 Degree Pressure Compensating Dripper
10-32 UNF Thread x Thread Tubing Coupling Valve
Antelco 10-32 Threads x Barb Tubing Adapter Valve
Antelco Xpando Take Off
Antelco Capo Rubber Grommet
5/8" Drip Tape End Closure
Antelco Xpando Drill Bit
Irritec Tee Handle Hex Installation Tool
Antelco Mist Winged Jet Quick Thread Base
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Bevel Tool
Claber 8423 Aquauno Select Water Timer
Claber Multifunction Garden Hose Spray Nozzle
Claber Trigger Action Garden Hose Spray Nozzle
Claber Outdoor Faucet to Garden Hose Quick Connector Set
Claber Garden Hose to Accessory Quick Connector Set
Pro Punch Replacement Tips
Primerus 1/8 Inch Punch
Irritec Connecto Coupler
Irritec 3/4" MPT Quick Coupling Valve
3/4" MPT Quick Coupling Riser
Orbit 1/2" Zinc Flow-Thru Spike Base
Brass Hose Y With Shut Off
Brass Gooseneck with Shut-Off
Thread Seal Tape
Orbit Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer
1/4" x 1/8" Reducing Barb Adapter
Signature Low Angle Nozzle Rack-13 Degree Trajectory
Dema Cyclone Portable Fertilizer Injector
Hunter Accu-Sync Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Irritrol 2400TF Valve
Irritrol 2500TF Valve
Irritrol 700 Series Valves
6500 Pro Series Rotors by Weathermatic
Irritrol Omnireg Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Hunter I-Core 6 Station plug-in expansion module
6000 Pro Series Rotor by Weathermatic: Shrub Model
Hunter ICV Globe Valves
Hunter PGV Jar-Top Valves
Hunter PGV Globe Valves
Signature 12' Fixed Pattern Spray Nozzles
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Combination Coupler
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Combination Elbow
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Reducing Coupler
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Combination Tee
Hydro-Rain HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor w/Nozzles
Hydro-Rain HRN 200 Series Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzles
Hydro-Rain Filter and 30 PSI Regulator in One
Hydro-Rain HRA Series Anti- Siphon Valve
Hydro-Rain HRV Series - Reverse Flow Valves
Hydro-Rain HRJ Series - Jar Top Valve
Hydro-Rain HRB Series Commercial Valves
Hydro-Rain Specialty Nozzles
Hydro-Rain HRN 100 Series Fixed Nozzles
Continuous Auto Air Vent /Vacuum Relief Valve by Irritec
Kinetic Air Vent and Vacuum Relief Valve by Irritec
Kinetic Air Vent and Vacuum Relief Valve (Protected Outlet) by Irritec
Irritec Connecto Tubing Adapters
Irritec Connecto x 5/8" Tape Adapters
Irritec Connecto Tubing Tees
Irritec Connecto Barbed Adapters
Irritec Connecto Tee Adapter
Irritec Connecto Elbow Adapters
Irritec Connecto Adapters
Antelco CFd Downspray Heads on Quick Threads
Irritec Top Hat Grommet
Kinked or Damaged Poly Tubing
Hunter Specialty Short Radius Nozzles
Hunter Pro-Fixed Nozzles
Hunter Pro Adjustable Arc Nozzles
Hunter Strip MP Rotator
Hunter 3000 Series MP Rotator
Hunter 2000 Series MP Rotator
Hunter 1000 Series MP Rotator
Hunter Pro-Spray PRS40
Hunter I-20 Series Rotors
Hunter PGP-Ultra Series Rotors
Hunter PGP-ADJ Series Rotors
Senninger Upright Mini-Wobbler
Senninger Pressure-Master 1" FPT Regulator - Medium Flow
Senninger 3/4" FPT x 3/4" MHT Pressure Regulator
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Cap
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Coupler
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Elbow
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Flexible Push-On Coupling
PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fittings by Hydro-Rain
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Release Tools
Senninger FPT x FPT Pressure Regulator - High Flow
Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Tee
Primerus Spot-Spitter Downspray
Primerus Spot-Spitter Tall
Primerus Spot-Spitters Short
Primerus Spot-Spitters Regular
Senninger Pressure-Master 3/4" FPT Regulator - Medium Flow
1370 Beta Head Impact Sprinkler
Antelco Inverted Rotor Spray Mini Sprinkler
Antelco Rotor Spray Mini Sprinkler on 10-32 Thread
Antelco Midi Drip Emitter
Antelco CETA Pressure Compensating Dripper with Barb Outlet
Antelco CETA 1 GPH Pressure Compensating Dripper on Spike
Hunter PGJ Series Rotors
Antelco Rotor Rain Mini Sprinkler on 1/2" MPT
Modular Metal Raised Bed Cover System
R1054 O-ring for Irritrol Valves
Fruit Picker with Extendable Pole
Easy-to-Use Leaf Bin
Hand Leaf Rake Scoops
Soft TPR Coated Wire Tie
Plastic Planter Trolley
Support Cage for Potted Plants
Replacement Filter for DIG TOP 12 Outlet Drip Manifold
FlexFlow Bleed Valve Assembly
Complete Pump Head Kit for FlexFlow
Reusable Greenhouse Dome
Foldable Pruning Saw
Wooden Chalkboard Plant Markers
Semi-Circular Plant Support
Single Flower Support Stake
Netafim Replacement Disc Ring Set for 3/4" Manual Filter
TF10 Chemical Cylinder Support O-ring
TF-10 Chemical Cylinder Support, No O-ring
Replacement Filter Screen for 4" Steel Inline Filter
Garden Twine
Irritec Perma-loc Tubing x Layflat
Netafim Arkal Filter Adapter Ring
2" Hard Seal Gate Valve
2" Soft Seal Gate Valve
Garden Hoop Kit with Fiberglass Stakes
Chicken Wire Plant Cloche
Spiral Tree Trunk Protector
Irritec 3/4" Hose Thread Faucet Adapter
Frost Protection Row Fabric
Brass Impact Sprinkler Spike
1/2" MPT Brass Impact Sprinkler
Frost Cover for Large Potted Plants
A-Type Connector for Plant Support Stakes
Mini Support Trellis
PE Coated Garden Wire
8mm Garden Hoop
Plastic Scare Owl
Weighted Hanging Basket Assemblies by Jain
Coco Coir Liner for Hanging Baskets
Coco Coir Disc Mat
Drip Depot Economy Air Release Valve
Magnetic Solar Lamp for Metal Raised Beds
Dual HP Manual Filter Clamp
Three Tier Greenhouse Shelf Replacement Cover
Garden Waste Mat
3-Hoop Mini Tunnel with PE Mulching Film
Green Garden Wire Spool
Paper Twist Tie Spool
Deluxe Foundation Watering Kit
Standard Foundation Watering Kit
Faucet Y-Splitter with Shut-Off Valves
Basic Foundation Watering Kit
Hose End Irrigation Timer
24V AC Solenoid Wire Lead, 3 Way
Climate Logic Handheld Remote
Press Fit 1/4" Tubing x 3/4" Hose Thread Adapter
Replacement O-ring 2-114 for the Amiad Semi-Auto Filters
Insulated Tap Jacket
Handheld Loop Weeder
Hanging Planter Bag for Tomatoes
Home Garden Seed Scoop
PC Emitter with On/Off Tubing Weights
Garden Plant Cloche
Expandable Plastic Tree Guard
Themed Wire Garden Ties
Jain Fogger
Rubber Feet Risers for Pots
Stake-Supported Soil Guard
12 Port Drip Irrigation Manifold
Drip Depot Economy Press-Fit Mister
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Tape x 1/2" MPT Adapter Valve
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Tape x Layflat Adapter Valve
4-Way Assembly w/Four Drip Arrow Sticks
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Tape Take-Off Adapter Valve
Jain Green Spin Assembly w/LPD
Plant Grafting Clips
Drip Depot Economy 1/2" Barbed Elbow
Drip Depot Economy 1/2" Barbed Tee
Drip Depot Economy 1/2" Barbed Coupling
Mesh Screen Cover for Potted Plants
Harvesting Apron
Jain Drip Arrow Sticks
Coco Coir Brick
Hoop Clips
Double Hoop Clips
Berry Picking Tool
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Drip Tape Tee
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Drip Tape Elbow
Check Valve Nut for 1405 MixRite
Multiple Outlet Dripper Manifold
Garden Hose Thread 3/4" On/Off Valve
Drip Depot Economy Air/Vacuum Relief Valve
Drip Depot Economy Cleanable Turbulent Flow Emitter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Reducing Cross
MixRite TF-25 Suction Hose Kit w/ Strainer
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x MHT Tee Adapter
Amiad 1 1/2" Compact Filter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Reducing Coupling
Melnor XT9541M Impact Sprinkler Sled
1/2" Garden Hose Mender, Coupling
Aluminum Watering Wand with 8 Pattern Options
Six Function Telescoping Watering Wand
Jain Wrench for 1 1/2 & 2 4E Plastic Filters
DIG DC Latching Solenoid
Replacement Filter Screen for Irritec Hose Thread Tee Filter
6700 Pro Impact sprinkler
1973 Whiz Head Rotary Sprinkler
Decorative Hanging Basket with Coconut Coir
MixRite TF-25 Series Fertilizer Injector
Solenoid 24 VAC 60 HZ, .4 amp
MixRite TF-10 Adjustment Collar and Nut Kit
Standard Garden Scoop Trowel
MixRite 500 Series Fertilizer Injector
Standard Garden Trowel
Garden Pruner, 3/4" Bypass
Blue Garden Shear
Planting and Seed Starter Kit
Antelco 9V DC eZyvalve 4 Solenoid Kit
Foldable Leaf Bag and Cart
Cotton Non Slip Garden Gloves
Replacement Filter Screen for Amiad 1" Super and 1 1/2" Compact Filter
RainBird LF Series Sprinkler Stream Splitter
AC Solenoid Repair Kit for RainBird PGA & PEB Valves
8 Pattern Adjustable Hose End Spray Nozzle
Reducing Barbed Elbow X FPT Adapter
Standard 6 Pattern Trigger Style Hose End Spray Nozzle
Standard Zinc Hose Nozzle with Adjustable Head
Micro-Control Six Pattern Hose End Spray Nozzle
Micro-Control Hose End Spray Nozzle
Seven Pattern Metal Hose End Spray Gun
Replacement Disc Rings and Spine Assembly for 2" & 3" Dual HP Filters
LP 3000 Series Square-Cut Gasket
Drip Depot Economy Impact Sprinkler Assembly
Solar LED Path Light
Barb Tubing x FPT Tee Adapter
Nylon Trellis Netting
Tomato Holder Hooks with 33.3ft Nylon Twine
Tomato Trellis Roller Hook Trellis Kit
RainBird LF2400 Long Range Sprinkler Nozzle
Barb Tubing x FPT Adapter
PolyPropylene Plant Support Netting
Hand Pruner
Drip Depot Economy Slip-Lock End Plug
Drip Depot Economy 1/4" Slip-Lock Compression Elbow
Anti-Bird Netting
Mini Sigma Actuator Assembly
6" Trellis Netting
Easy to Use Soil Moisture Meter
8 Layer Net Drying Rack
Brushaway Shaft Centering Ring
Barb Tubing x MPT Tee Adapter
Actuator Piston Assembly for Mini Sigma
Barb Tubing Cross
DC Valve Replacement Diaphragm
10 Gallon Fabric Strawberry Grow Bag
Plant Stake Support Ring
White Seed Starting / Plant Nursery Bags
Plastic Orchid / Plant Support Clips
14 Cell Mini Greenhouse with Humidity Adjustable Dome
12 Cell Biodegradable Seedling Tray
Pruning Shears
Bypass Pruner
Soil Moisture / PH / Light Meter
Female Thread x Male Thread Adapter
Soil Moisture / PH Meter
4Pcs Seedling Tool Plastic Garden Tool Set
2" Replacement Screen filter for Drip Depot Super Y-Filter
Replacement Screen Filter for Drip Depot Large Manual T Filters - 120 Mesh
Replacement Filter for Drip Depot T-Filter - 120 Mesh
Drip Depot Economy Replacement Filter -120 Mesh
Fruit Protection Bags
Trellis Netting
Coco Coir Totem Stakes
32 Inch Felt Tree Mulch Ring
Watering Rock by JCPJ Enterprises
Fabric Grow Pots
Potato Grow Bags with Access Flap
Plastic T-Type Plant Markers
Rotor Adjustment Tool
Economy 1/4" Mainline Misting Kit
4 in 1 Soil Meter
Multipurpose Foldable Gardening Stool
Metal Chicken Garden Stake
Amiad 2" T-S MPT Filter
3 Gallon Plastic Strawberry Grow Bags
Rectangle Valve Box
Round Valve Box
Replacement Cover for Garden Row Cover Greenhouse
Amiad Tagline T Filter - 2" MPT
3/4" Worm Gear Clamp with Handle
Poly Tubing Pipe Cutter
Shade Cloth Plastic Clips
Adjustable Dripper on Barb
Plastic Rainwater Gauge
GV 3/4" Hose Thread Regulator Series
Plastic Wire Clips
Plastic Ground Pegs
Soft Plastic Coated Tie Wire
Plant Rooting Ball
Amiad Tagline Canister Filter
Green Plastic Figure 8 Plant Clamps
Schedule 40 PVC MPT x Slip Bushing Adapter
Shiny Bird Deterrent Ribbon
566AG Chemical Piston Seal
566AG Connecting Bar and Piston
Natural Paper Wire Twist Ties
Irritec 5/8" Power Tape
Orbit Traveling Tractor Sprinkler Replacement Arms and Tee
Drip Depot Economy Brass Mist Nozzles
Drip Depot Economy 1/4" Compression Misting Tee w/Nozzle
Plant Support Stake Connectors
Solar Candle Yard Light
Senninger Mini Pressure Regulator
Waterproof Solar Stake Light
Durable Black ABS Solar PathLights
Stainless Steel Solar PathLight
Solar Deck or Fence Light
White Globe Solar Light
Staples for Tape Tying Tool
Drip Depot Economy 4-Way Atomizing Mist Assembly w/Brass nozzles
Jain AquaSmart Micro-Sprinkler Stake,13 inch
RainBird DV/DVF and ASVF Replacement Diaphragm Kit
Drip Depot Economy 4-Way Atomizing Mister w/Weighted Hanging Assembly
Drip Depot Economy 6-Way hanging Misting assembly w/Weight
Metal Raised Bed Ultimate Irrigation Kit
Drip Depot Economy 4-Way Hanging Mister w/ LPD
Metal Raised Bed Premium Irrigation Kit
Drip Depot Economy 4 Way Mister, Black
Metal Raised Bed Deluxe Irrigation Kit
Metal Raised Bed Standard Irrigation Kit
Metal Raised Bed Basic Irrigation Kit
Hunter 4" Pop-up PGP Ultra w/PRB
Netafim 2-Way Dripper Manifold with Angle Arrow Stakes
Netafim Stackable 4-Way Dripper Manifold
Drip Depot Economy Spray Jets on Threads
Drip Depot Economy Rotating Sprinkler w/Weight
Vinyl Tubing
Drip Depot Economy Hanging Spinner Sprinkler
Drip Depot Economy Inverted 20 GPH Micro-Sprinkler w/ Weight
Stake/Trellis Connector Arm
Polyethylene Tubing
Senninger Micro-Sprinkler Riser Stake
Munro Complete Pro II 5 HP, 1 Phase Pump Kit
Drip Depot Economy Inverted Micro-Spray Sprinkler Assembly
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Coupling Valve
Drip Depot Economy Micro-Spray Sprinkler
Drip Depot Economy Inverted Micro-Sprinkler w/LPD
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Reducing Tee
S Style Plant Clips
Drip Depot 2" NPT Super Y-Filter
Compression Tubing x Female Threads Swivel Adapter
Threads x Barb Tubing Coupling Adapter
Drip Depot T-Filter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x MPT Adapter
Drip Depot Large Manual T Filters
White Plant Clips
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape End Cap
Black Plant Clips
Brown 1/4" Barbed Cross
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Coupling
Brown 1/4" Barbed Tee
Adjustable Plant Tie
Perma-Loc Tape x Barb Tubing Takeoff Adapter Valve
Seed Sower Tool
Brown 1/4" Barbed Elbow
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x Barb Tubing Takeoff Adapter
Brown 1/4" Barbed Coupler
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Coupling Valve
Adjustable Dripper on 1/2" FPT by Antelco
1/4" Polyethylene Dripline
Strawberry Plant Tray
1/2" Polyethylene Pressure Compensating Drip Line
Wooden Plant Marker
Jain Pressure Compensating Micro Sprinkler
Plastic Fruit Picker
Figure 8 Tubing End Clamp
Plastic Potato Grow Bag with Flap
Goof Plug
Barb Tubing End Cap
Fabric Plant Grow Bags
Barb Tubing Coupling Valve
90 Degree Plant Benders
Rain Bird 9V DC Latching Solenoid
Barb Tubing Elbow
Gardena Boundary Wire Repair Kit
Barb Tubing Tee
Soil pH Meter
Soil Moisture Meter
Barb Tubing Coupling
2 in 1 Soil Tester
3 in 1 Soil Tester
Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower Spare Blades
Antelco Barb Tubing x MPT Adapter Valve
Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower Boundary Wire
Maintenance Set for Robotic Lawn Mower
Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower Garage
Perma-Loc Tubing Male Pipe Threads Adapter
Gardena Robotic Lawn Mowers
Garden Plant Bundle Clamp
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x MPT Adapter Valve
Plant Support & Grafting Clips
Ring Lock Plant Clip
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Tee Flush Valve
Spring Tension Plant Clip
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Cross
Seed Hole Puncher
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x FHTS Tee Adapter
Garden Tie Tape Refills
Pressure Compensating Drip Module, 24 GPH
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing End Cap Flush Valve
Plant Support Stakes
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x FHTS Elbow Adapter
Garden Netting
Vine Plant Ground Clips
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Female Hose Thread Swivel (FHTS) Adapter
Garden Plant Tie Set
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing End Cap
Plant Cable Tie Spool w/Cutter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Tee
Drip Depot Economy Hanging Micro-Sprinkler w/ Weight
Drip Depot Economy Inverted Micro-Spray Sprinkler
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Coupling
Damaged 1/4" Polyethylene Dripline
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Elbow
Drip Depot Economy PC Micro-Sprinkler on Stake
Vineyard Tubing Support Hook
5/8" Drip Tape Take-Off X 3.6mm Barb Adapter
Claber 3/4" Faucet or Timer Outlet Quick Coupler Adapter
Tubing Clamp with Nail
Drip Depot 5/8" Drip Tape
Drip Depot Economy Hanging Micro-Sprinkler Assembly w/ Tubing Weight
Adjustable Spray Jet on Threads
Drip Depot Economy Hanging Fogger Assembly w/ Tubing Weight
Drip Depot Economy Inverted Micro-Sprinkler w/ Weight
Antelco Adjustable Spray Jet on Stake
Drip Depot Economy Single Outlet Fogger with Weight
Drip Depot Economy High Flow Four-Way Fogger with Weight
DIG 12" Pop-Up Spray Jet
Drip Depot Economy Four-Way Fogger with Weight
Drip Depot Economy Micro-Sprinkler on 1/2" MPT
Drip Depot Economy Mister on 1/4" Barb
Snap-Cap Spray Jet on Threads
Drip Depot Economy Compact Sprinkler, 1/2" MPT
Global Unibody Spray Jet on Threads
Irritrol Diaphragm Support Ring
Adjustable Dripper on 6" Stake
Adjustable Vortex Fan Sprayer
iCircle Multi-Outlet Dripper Ring
Mini Sigma Valve Actuator Assembly
Mini Bubbler
Biodegradable Paper Pulp Seedling Tray
Irritec iDrop Pressure Compensating Dripper
Plastic Seedling Tray w/Vented Lid
Adjustable Dripper
Seedling Starter Heat Mat, 110V
Self Watering Plant Spike
Spiral Planting Drill Bit
Hunter MP Rotator Tool
Mini Garden Tool Set
Stainless Steel Wide Hand Shovel
Small Greenhouse Shed
Global Barb Tubing x FHT Adapter
Garden Row Cover Greenhouse Kit
MixRite 566AG Fertilizer Injector
Three Tier Greenhouse Shelf
Stainless Steel Pruner, Extra Long Blade
High Pressure Swing Pipe
RainBird LFX Sprinkler Adapter, Acme to Male NPT Threads
RainBird LFX Sprinkler Edge Guard
Super Flex Swing Pipe
Antelco Adjustable Shrubbler on 6" Stake
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge by Irritec
Hand Push Seeder Machine
Multi-Tier Vertical Plastic Planter
Signature Piston Clamp
Professional Plant Tying Tool
Stainless Steel Hand Weed Puller
Galcon 1-Station DC Battery Operated Irrigation and Propagation Controller with Solenoid
Complete Pro II 3/4 HP w/ BrainBox Control
Heavy Duty Non-Woven Grow Bag
Galcon DC Series Latching Solenoid For Battery Operated Controllers
Hunter Flow-Clik PVC Tee Sensor Receptacle
Hunter Nozzle Insertion Collar
Hunter Flow-Clik Sensor and Interface Module
Custom Munro SmartBox 2-Wire, 220V, for Multiple Controllers
Hunter Flow Control Tool
Mini Bulb and Seedling Transplanter
Garden Netting Kit for Fruit Trees and Bushes
Toro T5 Rotor Tool
Hand Operated Trigger Pressure Pump Water Sprayer
Melon Support Cradle
AlgoPlus Humus
Folding Bark Peeler Grafting Cutter Tool
Hanging Flower Basket with Coconut Coir Liner
Tree Fruit Picking Basket
Garden Waste Bag
Upside Down Strawberry Grow Bags, 1 Gallon
Galcon 24VAC Solenoid
Durable Foam Knee Pads
Heavy Duty Fabric Vertical Planter Bag
Wooden Handle Garden Tool Set
Galcon 3652 3" DC Valve w/Flow Control
Mixrite TF-5 Dome/Cover O-ring
Hendrickson Bros J10 Hose Vacuum Breaker
MixRite TF-5 Dome/Cover
DIG 410BT Series Bluetooth Battery Operated Controller w/Inline Valve
Tempo Pop-Up Drainage Emitter
Drip Depot Upright Trellis
Tempo Pop-Up Drainage Emitter w/ 4" Elbow
Drip Depot Arched Trellis
Brass Hose Shut-Off Valve
Brass Hose End Twist Nozzle
Tempo Pop-Up Valve Drainage Emitter w/ 3" Elbow
Tempo Pop-Up Valve with 4" Elbow Green and Adapter
Drip Depot Economy PC Button Dripper with Nipple Outlet
Antelco 2 in 1 Punch & Cutter
Tempo Basin Plug
Tempo Basin Adapter
Tempo Offset Basin Adapter
Tempo Basin Adapter to 6" Pipe
Tempo Drain Hub Fitting Adapter
Tempo 9" Square Basin Riser
Tempo 12" Square Basin Riser
Drip Depot Modular Metal Raised Beds
Drip Depot Economy Long Bent Arrow Dripper Assembly
3/4" Male PVC x .940" Poly Tubing Insert
Drip Depot Economy Bent Arrow Dripper Assembly, 20"
2" Brass Gate Valve
Tempo EZ Punch Pro
Jain Modular Sprinkler
Economical Sprinkler Gun, 2" NPT Base
Antelco eZyvalve4- Hardware Kit
Sprinkler Gun, 2" FPT Brass Base
Sprinkler Gun 1 1/2" FPT Aluminum Alloy Base
Sprinkler Gun, 1 1/4" FPT Base
Antelco 24VAC eZyvalve 4 Solenoid Kit
Plastic Irrigation Valve Solenoid, 110VAC
Antelco eZyvalve4-Diaphragm Kit
Brass Hose Thread Cap
Galcon Model 7001 Series Controller w/Valve
RainBird Pressure Regulating Shrub Adapter
Replacement Solar Battery Charger for the Hunter XC Hybrid Solar Panel
Galcon Greenhouse 6 Station Controller
Rain Bird MPR Fixed Spray Nozzles
Mazzei PVDF Venturi Injector, Natural
3/4" Drip Zone Control Assembly
Global Flag Dripper Punch
Axis Locking Spring for Amiad Brushaway Unit
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Elbow
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x FHTS Tee Adapter
Drip Depot Economy Kinetic Air Valve
Drip Depot Economy Suction Kit
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Tee
Rain Bird 5000 MPR Nozzles-19452
Male Pipe Thread
DIG 700 Series Mini Sprinkler Assembly
Claber Quick Connect Coupler
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape x FHTS Adapter
Claber Duplo Quick Connect Adapter w/1/2" FPT
Irritec 3/4" FHT End Cap
DIG 3/4" & 1" XL Filter Screen, 155 Mesh
DIG 3/4 & 1 Inch XL Filter Body O-ring
Hunter Solenoid O-Ring
Hunter Spray Nozzle Filter Screen
MP Rotator Nozzle Filter Screen
Mini-Clik Replacement Cap and Spindle Assembly
Diaphragm for Hunter ICV Valve w/Filter Sentry
3/4" Pipe Thread Adjustable Pressure Regulator (FPT x FPT) By DIG
Hendrickson Bros Hose Thread Backflow Preventer
Blue 360 Degree Tornado Ray Jet
Hunter 1" PGV Valve Diaphragm
K-Rain ProS Nozzle Guard
3/4" Hose Thread Filter
Hunter ProSpray Check Valve Assembly
Swivel Fitting 1" NPT Tee
Amiad 3" NPT TL Filter Housing
Replacement Valve Spring for Hunter PGV
Swivel Fitting 1" NPT Cap
Hunter PGV Valve Diaphragm
Hunter PGV Valve Bonnet
Swivel Fitting 1" x 1" NPT Adapter
Drip Depot Economy Layflat to 5/8" Drip Tape Connector
Drip Depot Economy Pressure Regulator, NPT
Orbit Universal Hose Mender Kit
Netafim RetroFit Adapter
24VAC Solenoid for Netafim 80 Series 2-Way Valves
Drip Depot Economy Tape Valve for Layflat Hose
Compression Tubing Coupler
DIG 3/8" X 50' Ocean Breeze Kit
Drip Depot Economy LayFlat Hole Cutter
Lid for Amiad 2" T-S and 3" T Plastic Filter Body
Drip Depot Economy Dripper Manifold
5/8" Drip Tape Coupling Valve
Drip Depot Economy Filter, 120 Mesh
Compression Tubing Tee
Drip Depot Economy 3/4" Hose Thread Pressure Regulator - 25 PSI
Munro Pressure Sensor w/Boot
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Tape End Plug
1" PESB Valve Diaphragm and Bonnet Assembly
Compression Tubing Elbow
DIG Maverick 12-Zone High Flow Sprinkler Converter Kit 4 Gph
1/4" Finger Filter for TAF-750E Automatic Filter Control System
ADI-P DC Filtration Control Kit
Mini Sigma Coarse Screen Replacement
Compression Tubing x FHT Tee Adapter
Rain Bird LNK2 WIFI Module
Mazzei X Model Venturi Injector, PVDF
1/2" PVC x Poly Coupling by DIG
Toro Tempus Waterproof Battery Powered Wireless Controller
DIG 3/8" X 50' Ocean Breeze Kit for Large Animals
500 Series LFR Yellow Engine Replacement
DIG 50' Tan Misting Mainline Poly Tubing
Irritec 1 GPH PC Non-CNL with Barb Outlet
Amiad Suction Scanner Shaft for 2" T-Super and 3" T Plastic ScanAway Filters
LP Series Square-Cut Gasket
Hydraulic Seal for Amiad SigmaPro Filter
Compression Tubing End Cap
Amiad Stainless Steel Perforated Screen for 2" T Super & 3"T Filter
Claber Rain Sensor Float Cap
Claber Rain Sensor Float Disc
Drip Depot Economy 1/4" Hole Punch-18981
Drip Depot Economy Arrow Dripper .5 GPH
Drip Depot Economy Vortex Fan Sprayer on 1/4" Barb
Drip Depot Economy Adjustable Dripper on 1/4" Barb
Drip Depot Economy 5/8" Drip Tape Coupling
DIG 50' Tan 1/4" Micro Vinyl Tubing
Drip Depot Economy Pressure Compensating Dripper
Replacement SuperNet LR Swivel
DIG Misting Mainline Faucet Connector with Screen Filter
DIG Misting Mainline Compression Line Connectors .450 OD
Replacement Polypropylene Suction Cap for Mazzei Venturi Injectors
DIG Misting Mainline Compression Line Ends .450 OD
NANO-P Metering Pump
Rotor Rain Mini Sprinkler, No Deflector Disc
Orbit 5/8" Brass Garden Hose Menders
Orbit Heavy Duty Traveling Tractor Sprinkler
B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub
Misting Mainline Compression Tee .450 OD
B-hyve XD Smart Hose Timer
B-hyve XR Smart Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller
DIG Misting Mainline Compression Elbow .450 OD
Orbit Complete Yard Watering Valve
Orbit Complete Yard Watering Kit
Full Flow Drip Manifold w/1/2" MPT
Orbit Cyclone II Rotating Sprinkler
Munro PVC Foot Valve
Stainless Steel Irrigation Foot Valve
DIG Microsprinkler On Spike
EasyDose Pump Assembly w/ Flow Meter
Operation Handle for Amiad Scanaway/Brushaway Filters
EZ-FLO Hose Connector Ball Valve
Complete Pro II w/Pressure SmartBox
MixRite 500 Series Cover with On/Off Kit
Netafim Sprinkler Adapter, 1/2" FPT
Replacement Screen for the Amiad Manual Steel Filter
8mm Control Tubing for Amiad Automatic Filters
DIG 7 GPH 360 Degree Mister on Threads
Amiad L-Connector, 1/4" male x 8mm
RainBird Micro-Quick Nozzles
DIG 2 GPH Pot and Basket Mister with Stake
RainBird Micro-Quick Deflectors
DIG 2 GPH Fogger Mister on Barbed Elbow
DIG Battery Operated (DC) Multi-Station Controller
Replacement Pump for Claber AquaMagic
DIG 3/4 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb - Tan
MixRite 566-575 Cylinder Support Nut, Black
DIG 1 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb - Tan
DIG 3/4 GPH Misting Nozzle on 10-32 Threads - Tan
Munro LP 3005 Series Centrifugal Pump, 5 HP
Hunter Specialty Strip Nozzles
Clik-Tif Taper Tubing Adapter
U-Cup NBR Seal for Actuator Assembly on Mini Sigma
Seal Holder Assembly for Piston Actuator on Mini Sigma
Hunter Specialty Stream Nozzles
1/4" Mounting Clips
Misting Mainline Mounting Clips by Global
DIG 1/2" MPT Adapter with 12" Micro-Riser
Replacement Plastic Tee 8mm x 8mm x 1/8 NPT
DIG 1/4" Line Connectors - Tan
Rain Bird RBY 200 Mesh Filter Screen Replacement
Shrub Riser Adapter 1/2" with 10-32 Threads
Amiad T/T-S Filter Replacement Adapter 3/4" MPT x 1-1/2" Female BSPT
Amiad 2" T /T-S Filter Replacement Flat Seal, NBR 70 Shore
Amiad T and T-S Filter Replacement Pressure Check Point Assembly
Antelco Universal Spike Assembly
Irritec Punch & Insertion Tool
6" Micro Tube Stabilizer Stake
Grommet/Bondable Saddle Drill Bit
MixRite 568AG Fertilizer Injector
Melnor Bluetooth Hose End Timers
Rigid Riser Holding Stake
MixRite TF-10 Engine Spring Kit
Netafim 3/4" Pressure Regulator
Primerus Pot-Dripper Ring
Primerus Pot Dripper Stake
Amiad Replacement Turbine Assembly F/Mini and Pro Sigma
MiniSigma Separation Plate O-Ring 2-361 EPDM 70 Shore Yellow Dot
Amiad Replacement Separation Plate Assembly w/ O-Ring
Senninger Inverted Mister
Senninger Mining Xcel-Wobbler
Jain Click TIF dripper and Drip Arrow Stick w/ 24" tubing Assembly
Antelco Agri Drip Dripper
Antelco Agri Drip Pressure Compensating Dripper
Corona Hip Trug
Irritec Layflat/Oval Hose Coupler
Irritec Layflat/Oval Hose Reducing Coupler Long
Irritec Large LayFlat x Spigot Adapter
DIG Inline DC Valves
360 Degree Down Fan Spray Jet w/ 36" Flex Poly Riser Lead, 1/4" Barbed Adapter and Stake
4" QuickClip for Trellis Wire
11.5" Adjustable Length Vine and Orchard Quick Tie
11.5" Super Flex Adjustable Length Vine and Orchard Quick Tie
RainBird Xeri-Caps for Spray Heads
Irritec Poly Tubing End Plug w/ Finger Ring
Replacement 24VDC Solenoid for 80 series 2-Way Netafim Valves
Netafim 2" Plastic 80 Series 24VDC Globe Valve
DIGs BOHE-BT Bluetooth Hose End Timer
EZ-Flo Drain Repair Kit
On/Off Plastic Weight
Amiad Molded Stainless Steel Replacement Screen for 3" Steel Filter
Irritrol Replacement Diaphragm for 2400 & 2600 Series Valves
Senninger 0.270" Super Barb x 1/2" F / 3/4" M Slip
Senninger 0.345" Super Barb x 1/2"M NPT
VersaLid Valve Box Universal Replacement Lid
O-Ring for Octa-Bubbler
WAC Balance Path Light
DIG Inline AC Valves w/ 24 VAC solenoid
DIG's 8 POT Living Wall modular Vertical Garden Kit
Galcon Propagation Controller
DIG 1 Pint Proportional Fertilizer Injector
Netafim Replacement LS Disc Rings 2" Dual HP
Paige 12 AWG/ 2 Low Voltage Lighting Cable
WAC 12V Taps Magnetic Transformer
WAC LED 12V Hardscape Quick Release Luminaire with Dual CCT
WAC 12V Mini Tiki Path Light
WAC Accent 12V InterBeam Light
WAC Accent 12V LED Landscape Mini Spot Light
WAC Accent 12V LED Landscape Spot Light
Corona Kneelo / Kneeler
Melnor Mechanical Aqua Timer
Tempo Inline Dripper
6000 Series Rotor Replacement Cap
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge by Aqualine
Valve Bonnet for Nylon Threaded Pressure Reducing Valve
Wing Fan Micro Sprayers by DIG
TAF Series Filter Exhaust Valve, 1-1/2"
Hydro-Rain HRB Solenoid
Hydro-Rain HRJ-SD2 Solenoid
TOP Drip Manifold Outlet Barbed Adapter for 1/4" Tubing
TOP Drip Manifold Outlet Shut-Off Caps
Replacement Screen for Amiad Mini Sigma Filter
Munro StartBox for Reduced Incoming Amperage
Netafim Disc Ring Set with Spine
Netafim Manual Filter Wrench
Mazzei F-30L Flow Meter Repair Kit
EZFLO CAP-MBT Connectors
DIG 0.8 GPH Fogger on Barb
FPT x MHT Elbow Adapter by DIG
1/2" Tubing Holder Stake
Netafim Sprinkler Stand Assembly
Adjustable Vortex Fan Sprayer on 6" Stake
Flow Control Barbed Coupler
1/2" Male PVC x Poly Tubing Insert Adapter
MegaNet Road Guard
Netafim MegaNet Rotating Sprinkler
Irritrol Manual Bleed Assembly O-ring
Irritrol 200B Series Valve Solenoid Port O-ring
Netafim Dripper Assembly w/Angle Barb Stake
Standard Punch - 1/4" Hole
Flex Connect Layflat x 5/8" Drip Tape Takeoff Adapter
Flex Connect Layflat Eye Connection w/ Locking Nut
Flex Connect Layflat Sealing Cap
Pro Punch - 1/4" Hole
Flex Connect Installation Tool
Flex Connect Layflat Take-off Valve Adapter for 5/8" Drip Tape
Pro-Loc 5/8" Tape x Layflat Double Grip TakeOff
Replacement O-rings for 1" Dura Manifold Parts
Irritec Washer with Screen
60 PSI Dry Pressure Gauge
Bondable Saddles for PVC Pipe
Manual Bleed Assembly for Irritrol Valves
Rain Bird LF2400 Long Range Low Flow Sprinkler
Schedule 40 PVC MHT x MPT Adapter
HRM 100 Male Buttress Thread x PVC Adapter
Manifold System TBE Nipple: Metal Threads
SoloRain Valve Adapters
Replacement Filter Body O-Rings for Mini Sigma
Sch 40 PVC Slip Bushing
Manifold System Coupling: Slip x Swivel
Netafim 2" Pro Air Vent
DIG 3/4" MPT Plastic Disc Filter
Amiad Sigma Replacement Filter Screen
Tape-Loc x Barb Adapter
Tape-Loc x Barb Valve
RainBird 6 Outlet Drip Manifold
Rain Bird LF Series Sprinkler Edge Guard
Suction Piston Kit
MixRite TF-25 Piston Sleeve
Schedule 40 PVC Tee Adapter Slip X Slip X FPT
Piston Bar for MixRite TF-25.005
Check Valve Repair Kit for Mazzei Injectors
Replacement PVDF Suction Cap for Mazzei Injector
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Reducing Tee
Schedule 40 Flexible PVC Coupling
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Check Valve
Senninger Upright Mister
PVC FPT Ball Valve
Replacement Brush for Amiad BrushAway Filter
PVC Slip Ball Valve
Schedule 40 PVC MPT End Cap
Schedule 40 PVC FPT End Cap
Schedule 40 PVC Slip End Cap
Irritrol 700 Series Valve Repair Kit
Schedule 40 PVC MPT x Slip Reducing Adapter
3/4" NPT Plug for Irritec THF/TIF Filter Cover
HRS-200 Commercial Spray w/ Adjustable Pressure Regulation
Schedule 40 PVC MPT x Slip Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC Reducing Adapter - Slip x FPT
Jain PC Micro-Sprinkler Nozzles
Schedule 40 PVC Adapter FPT x Slip
Check Valve Nut for 566AG MixRite
Schedule 40 PVC FPT Reducing Coupling
Shut-Off Cap for Netafim WoodPecker Dripper
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Reducing Coupling
EZKIT-5 High Capacity Quick Fill System
Schedule 40 PVC FPT Coupling
Dig TOP Drip Manifold Emitters
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Coupling
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Cross
Dura Manifold System Insert Coupling
Schedule 40 PVC 45 Degree Slip Elbow
EZ-FLO High Pressure Cap w/ Fine Threads Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC 3-Way Elbow Adapter: Slip x Slip x FPT
Schedule 40 PVC Slip 3-Way Elbow
EZ-FILL Funnel
Schedule 40 PVC FPT Elbow
Mazzei Suction Strainer with Hose Barb Connection
Schedule 40 PVC Reducing Elbow Adapter: Slip x FPT
Irritec Layflat Repair Washer 14mm Hole Size
Schedule 40 PVC FPT x Slip Elbow Adapter
Perma-Loc 5/8" Tape x 3/4" MHT Adapter
Hunter PGJ/SRM Spring Seat
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Elbow
8mm x 1/8" Elbow connector
Netafim Micro-Sprinkler Plug
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Reducing Elbow
Schedule 40 PVC FPT Tee
Riser Adapter for 1/4" Barbed Sprays and Emitters
Schedule 40 PVC Slip x FPT Tee Adapter
MixRite Model 1405 Suction Cylinder Kit
Schedule 40 PVC Slip Tee
MixRite 1405M Lip Seal Kit
Schedule 40 PVC FHT End Cap
MixRite TF5 Anti-Siphon Kit
Schedule 40 PVC MHT x Slip Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC FHTS x MPT Adapter
Dema Blend Center Metering Tip Kit
Schedule 40 PVC FHT x FHTS Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC FPT x FHTS Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC FHTS x MPT Elbow Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC FPT x MHT Elbow Adapter-1710
Schedule 40 PVC MHT x Slip Elbow Adapter
Schedule 40 PVC FPT x FHT Elbow Adapter
Senninger 3/4" Pipe Thread Pressure Regulator
Perma-Loc Tubing x 400 Barb Takeoff Valve
Senninger 3/4" Hose Thread Pressure Regulator
Netafim VibroNet Sprinkler
Megastand Sprinkler Riser Support Arm
Megastand Sprinkler Riser
Megastand Sprinkler Riser Base
TF-10 Replacement Body, 1 1/2" Inlet/Outlet
Filter Screen for Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold
Netafim White Barb x Female Connector
Rotor Max 180° Deflector
Rain Bird LF2400 Low Flow Sprinkler
Rain Bird LF1200 Low Flow Sprinkler
Rain Bird LFX600 Low Flow Sprinkler
RainBird Online PC Dripper
RainBird 1/2" Full or Part Circle Brass Impact Sprinkler
RainBird Micro-Quick Spray Assembly
TOP 12 Outlet Dripper Manifold by DIG
MixRite TF-5 Latch Nut
Schedule 40 PVC 3/4" FHTS x 3/4" MHT Elbow
MixRite TF5 Cylinder Support O-Ring
MixRite TF5 Cylinder Support, 1% model
TF5 Chemical Piston Kit, 1%
Netafim CoolNet Pro Fogger Blocker
Tee Filter
Barb Tubing x FHT Swivel Adapter by Hit
Netafim NetBow Container Drip Ring
Mixrite 1400 Series Engine Repair Kit
Irritec P1 Ultra 7/8" Drip Tape
5mm Barb x Threads Connector
P1 Ultra 5/8" Drip Tape
Munro SmartBox for Reduced Incoming Amperage
Netafim SlimLine EZ Close Plastic Weight
True Union Ball Valve
Universal Sprinkler Rotor Tool
Coupling Insert Tool
Rubber Cover for Hunter PGP-ADJ Sprinkler Rotor
Hunter I-25 / I-40 Filter Screen Check Valve Assembly
Hunter SRM Sprinkler Rotor
I-20 Spring Seat for 4" & 6" Pop-Up Models
Hunter I-20/PGP Ultra Filter Screen w/ Check Valve Assembly
Hunter I-25 / I-40 BlowOut Cap
Shut-Off Cap for Hunter I-25 / I-40 Rotors
Hunter I-40 sprinkler Rotor
Hunter ProSpray Riser Seal
PGP Ultra & I-20 Short Radius Nozzle Rack
Hunter ProSpray Snap-On Reclaimed Water Cap
Hunter Shut-Off Nozzle
Claber Oasis Evolution Drip Watering System
Barbed Insert x MPT Reducing Elbow Adapter
Netafim Self-Piercing Dripper w/Check Valve
EasyOut 2in1 Tool
Chemical Resistant Molded Polyester Screen Element
Netafim Manual Filter Replacement Discs w/Spine
Replacement O-Ring for 2% MixRite Suction Cylinder
MixRite 1410M Chemical Cylinder Kit
Latch Nut for MixRite 1410M
MixRite Suction Hose Nut
19mm Suction Hose Barb for Mixrite Injector
Netafim Pressure Sustaining Normally Open Valve (PSNO)
Lip Seal Kit for 572/573/TF3-4% MixRite Injectors
Netafim WP Non Pressure Compensating Dripper
Replacement Seal Kit for TF-5 Injector
Mixrite 3/8" ID Vinyl Suction Tubing
Netafim 5MM Elbow Barb X Pressfit
Amiad T and T-S Filter Tightening Ring
Replacement Foot Valve Assembly for Dema FlexFlow
Munro SmartBox w/Pressure and Flow Start, 220V
Replacement 24VAC Solenoid w/3 Way Base
Amiad ADI-P Replacement Solenoid
EZ-Flo High Capacity Quick Fill Systems
Quick-Lock Swivel Adapter - 0.600" ID x 0.700" OD
KRain Solenoid with Adapter for Signature Valves
Irritec 700 Series Hose x 3/4" MIPT Adapter
Amiad 2" T Filter Housing
Netafim 1" Pressure Reducing Valve FIPT w/3-Way Pilot & Solenoid
Netafim Woodpecker Jr PC Dripper for Drip Manifolds
Antelco Micro Stake
Hunter NODE-BT Battery Operated Controller w/Bluetooth
Hunter Wand Wi-Fi Module
New HRS-200 Spray Head by Hydro-Rain
Faucet Y connector with double shut-off
Hunter X2 Controller
2" T-Super Filter w/Scanaway Assembly by Amiad
Female Cam-lock x MPT Fitting
Male Cam-lock x MPT Fitting
Munro SmartBox w/Retry Switch
Bowsmith PC Series Pressure Compensator for Fan-Jets
Dema 500/14 Series Dome/Cover O-ring
Munro High Temperature Sensor
Munro Float Valve Kit
Hunter Point Source Drippers
1/8" Venturi Fitting for the EZ-Flo Ball Valve Coupling
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x PVC-Lock Adapter
Amiad 4" Flanged In-Line Steel Filters with Element
Senninger PSR-2 Pressure Regulator
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock x MPT Adapter
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-Lock Elbow
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x PVC Socket Adapter
Senninger Low Flow 3/4" FPT Pressure Regulator
Female x Male Adapter Valve
DC Latching Solenoid
Corona Replacement Spring 4900 Series Snips
Netafim SpinNet Sprinkler w/Check Valve
Netafim Manual Disc Filter Body Replacement
Irritec Replacement Body for THF & TIF Filters
Irritec Replacement Filter Cap
Irritec Replacement Stainless Steel Filter Clamp
E-Clip Retainer for ICV Flow Control Stem Assembly
Flow Control Stem Assembly for Hunter ICV
360 Degree Adjustable Spinner on 10-32 Threads
Netafim Angle Arrow Drip Stick
Rivulis SuperTif PC Non-CNL 0.5 GPH Emitter with Barbed Outlet
Key Punch by Global
Antelco Adjustable mister on 10-32 UNF Threads
Netafim Manual Plastic Disc Filter Cover O-ring
Blu-Lock x Drip-Lock Tee Adapter
Hunter Eco-Indicator
Netafim Pressure Regulating Units
Netafim Angle Barbed Stake
Dema TF-10, 2% Replacement Suction Piston Kit
EZ-Flo 1/4" Replacement Collet Kit for CAP-MBT
Hunter Solar Panel Kit for XC Hybrid
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-lock In-line Valve
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-lock End Cap
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-lock to 3/4" Female GHT
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-lock to MPT
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-Lock Tee
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Drip-Lock Coupler
Drip-lock In-line 2-Port Manifold Extension
Drip-lock In-line 2 port Manifold
EZ-Flo Mainline Dispensing Unit Shut Off Valve Kit
DIG 3/4" FHT x 1/4" Compression Adapter
EZ-Flo Pressure Relief Valve
Hunter HCV Check Valve
Hunter Pump Start Relay
1/2" PC Poly Drip Line w/ CNL
White Polyethylene Tubing
Amiad O-Ring Set for 1 1/2" Super Tagline Filter Screen
Amiad T & T-Super Filter Screen O-Rings
Hunter Replacement Bleed Assembly for ICV Valve
Hunter ICV/IBV Valve Replacement Spring
Hunter Replacement ICV Valve Diaphragm
PVC Spigot x Barb Insert Adapter
Paige Electric 18 AWG/7 Irrigation Wire
Replacement Cap for Octa-Bubbler, Embossed Black
Netafim Micro-Sprinkler/Fogger Hanging Assembly
Netafim CoolNet Pro Fogger w/Check Valve
Orbit 3/4" FPT Brass Quick Coupler Valve
Orbit Brass 3/4" MPT Quick Coupler Sprinkler Key
Netafim Super Disc Filter
Amiad O-Ring Seals for Tagline Filter Screen, 3/4" & 1"
Amiad Tagline Filter Housing O-Ring for 3/4" & 1"
Paige 18 AWG/13 Strand Wire
Netafim Manual Disc Filter
Bhyve Smart Sprinkler Controller by Orbit
Orbit Adjustable Brass Impact Sprinkler, 1/2" Base
Dig Valve Solenoid Adapter
Hunter Wired Solar Sync Sensor
EZ-Flo Main-Line Dispensing System
Orbit Spray Head Pull-Up Tool
Orbit Professional Nipple Extractor
2" Bermad Back Wash Valve by Irritec
Chemical Support Cylinder O-Ring
566AG 1% Chemical Support Cylinder
EZFlo Plastic Tubing Clamps
Replacement Valve Diaphragm Spring by Irritrol
Irritec 6" Spigot x Barb for Stretched Layflat
Orbit 3/4" Brass Garden Hose Menders
Insert x Slip Layflat/Oval Hose Adapter
Reducing Layflat/Oval Hose Insert Coupler
Poux Plastics Insert End Plug for Layflat/Oval Hose
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert x Spigot Adapter by ToroAg
Irritec Tape x Spigot Adapter
Debris Basin for Jain Spin Clean Filter
MixRite Lip Seal Kit, 566AG, TF3.002G, 570CW, 571CW
Irritec THF / TIF Replacement Cover
Dema Suction Foot Valve Strainer
Netafim Pressure Sustaining Valve
Replacement Scanner Assembly w/Nozzles for Amiad Sigma Filters
RainBird 5000 Series Sprinkler Rotor
Irritrol 205T Valve Diaphragm Assembly
Ez-Flo High Capacity Mainline System
Layflat PVC End Plug
MixRite 2% Suction Cylinder Kit
Hunter Clik Sensor Replacement Gutter Mount
Irritec Hose Swivel x Perma-Loc Adapter w/Schrader Valve
Replacement Suction Cylinder Kit for MixRite TF-5
Rivulis H6000 Layflat
Plastic Engine Spring Kit for TF-5
Antelco CFd Downspray
Antelco Ceta Cleanable Pressure Compensating Dripper
Amiad Sigma Pro Automatic Filter
Antelco Pressure Compensating Dripper on Stake
Antelco Pinch Drip Pressure Compensating Dripper
SpinRite Sprinkler Clip-On Trunk Protector
Amiad 1 1/2" Tagline Filter Lid O-ring Seal
Cutting and Inserting Tool with Long Adjustable Tip
Toro Pro-Loc Tape x Barb Adapter
Toro Disc Filter Replacement Element
Hunter I-20 Rubber Cover - Black
Suction Cylinder Kit
Check Valve Nut by Dema
Suction Tube Kit, 5% and 10% Model Mixrite
Extra Small PE Micro-Tubing
PVC Reducing Nipple
Antelco Strip Spray Jet on 10-32 Threads
Hit PC Riser Emitters
Irritec Kinetic Air Vent and Vacuum Relief Valve (Threaded Outlet)
EZ-FLO Ball Valve Coupling
Netafim Backflush Controller DCL
2" LP Disc-Kleen Filter- Batteries
PVC 3/4" Barbed Elbow
Hendrickson 3/4" Low Flow Pressure Regulator
Hydro-Maxx by Ez-Flo
Maxx Flush by Ez-Flo
FERTI-MAXX Color Enhancer by EZ-FLO
IRON-MAXX Supplement by EZ-FLO
Ferti Maxx Cool Weather Blend
Ferti Maxx Balanced All Purpose Blend
Ferti-Maxx Transplant & Starter Blend
Ferti-Maxx Phosphorous Free Blend
FERTI-MAXX Turf and Sports Field Blend
FERTI-MAXX Landscape Growth Blend
Senninger Wedge Drive Impact Sprinkler
PVC Barbed Reducing Tee
Lip Seal Kit for 569PVDF MixRite
Senninger Part-Circle Impact Sprinkler
Amiad Clogging Indicator Kit
Replacement Filter Element for Amiad 2" T-Filter
Check Valve Kit for 1405M MixRite
Toro 5/8" FlowControl Drip Tape
Senninger Quick Connect Coupling Assembly
Schedule 80 PVC Pipe Nipple TBE
Schedule 80 T.O.E. Nipple
Inline Hose Filter by Global
Schedule 40 PVC MPT x FPT Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRP100 Valve Solenoid
Netafim 323 Pressure Reducing Valve
Netafim Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter
Netafim Pressure Reducing Valve
Netafim Guardian Air/Vacuum Relief Vent
EZ-FLO Hose End Replacement Tanks
Senninger PRLV Pressure Regulator
EZ-Flo Replacement Cap Connector
EZ-Flo Replacement 1/4" Poly Tubing 5ft
Senninger Drop Adapter Assembly
Amiad CIK Replacement L-Connector (1/4" x 6mm)
Netafim DripNet PC 636 Series - w/Anti-Siphon
Replacement AC Power Cord for Kwikdial Indoor Controller
Schedule 40 PVC Union Slip x Slip
Irritrol Rain Dial-R Series Indoor Controller
Critter-Maxx by Ez-Flo
Hunter PGJ Replacement Covers
Hunter PGJ Replacement Riser Seals
Netafim FlexNet Tee Start Connector
Netafim FlexNet Tape Elbow Start Connector
Netafim FlexNet Spigot x Barb Connector Kit
Stainless Steel Replacement Screen by Irritec
Reducing Barbed Elbow
Hunter Controller Cabinet Key Set
Mixrite 500 Series Replacement Body
Melnor Automatic Water Timer
HydroLogic Digital Water Timer
Hydrologic Wired Soil Moisture Sensor
Melnor Automatic Water Shut-Off
Replacement Diaphragm for 3/4" & 1" Galcon Valves
EZ-Flo Brass Hose Bib Connector
Antelco Inline Shrubbler
Schedule 40 PVC Snap x FPT Reducing Tee
Netafim Dripper Tubing Assembly
Netafim Outlet Plug for FlexNet
RainBird Retrofit Pressure Regulator
MixRite TF-10 Replacement Seals
Schedule 80 PVC Nipple
Hunter Node
Senninger 20 Series Impact Sprinkler
Jain 2002 AquaSmart Replacement Swivels
DIG Mini-Compact Micro Sprinkler
8" Galvanized Steel Wire Stake for 1/2" Tubing
Hunter 815 Series MP Rotator
5" Galvanized Steel Wire Stake for 1/4" Tubing
Hunter Pro-Spray PRS40 w/ FloGuard
Jain ClickTIF PC/CNL Dripper with Taper
Tempo 3/4" GHT High Flow Valve
Netafim Bright White Poly Tubing
Irritec GreenTimer Pro
Irritec Zero Pressure Timer
Replacement Nozzle for 7110 Hadar
Amiad 1-1/2" Replacement Filter Screen
1/8" Super Flex White PE Micro Tubing, 1000'
Netafim PC Spray Stake
Netafim Space-It Drip Tape
Hunter MPR Nozzles for PGP Ultra/I-20/PRB Rotors
FlexFlow Injection Valve Assembly by Dema
Layflat/Oval Hose Insert x FPT Adapter
Hunter Pro-C Expansion Modules
Netafim 2 Spring Pressure Regulator
Hunter Pro-C 4 Station Modular Controller
Toro Blue Stripe Oval Hose
10 ft. cable extension for pH/ORP Probe
Signal Booster for pH/ORP Probe
5/8" Drip Tape End w/Loop
Netafim Woodpecker PC Emitter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Elbow x 1/2" MPT Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tape Tee x 1/2" MPT Adapter
1/2" MPT End Plug
Mixrite TF5 Replacement Cylinder Support Nut
Senninger Hand-Tight Nozzle for Impact Sprinklers
Replacement Spring for Irritrol 216B Series Valve
Munro Centrifugal LP1502B Pump
Munro Complete PRO II
Munro Smartbox - Thermal Protection
Munro Smartbox - Standard
Munro StartBox - Standard
Munro FS Series Pumps
Munro MXS 5" Multistage Submersible Pumps
External Bleed Screw for Irritrol Valves
Irritrol 200B Valve Diaphragm Assembly
Irritrol 2" Valve Bonnet Assembly
Replacement O-Ring Seal for Amiad 2" T-Super Filter
Schedule 40 Hose Cross Adapter
3/4" MHT Cap
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Fitting with Mist Nozzle
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Tee
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok End Plug
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Coupling
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Elbow-90 Degree
Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Mist Hose Adapter
Orbit 1/2" PVC Hanging Clamp
Orbit 1/2" PVC Coupler w/ Mist Nozzle
Orbit Brass & Stainless Misting Nozzle
Orbit Mist Auto Drain Valve
Orbit Brass Nozzle Plug
Orbit 3/8" x 2' Flexible Tan Mist Tubing
Orbit 3/8" x 20' Tan Mist Flexible LDPE Tubing
Orbit Basic Preassembled Mist Kit
Orbit Performance 12' PVC Mist System
Orbit Professional 12-ft Mist System
AlgoPlus Tomato
Bhyve Smart Wifi Hub for Faucet Timer
Orbit 4" Flexible Mist Nozzle Extension
AlgoPlus Rose
Stucco Installation Kit for 3/8" Tubing
Orbit Sidewinder Flexible Mist Stand
AlgoPlus Orchids
Orbit 3/8" Basic Extension Mist Cooling Kit
Orbit Misting Nozzle Cleaner - 8oz
Outdoor Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter
Orbit 12-Foot Portable1/4" Mist Cooling Kit
Orbit Portable 1/4" Outdoor Mist Cooling System
Create-a-Clamp Kit
Netafim FlexNet Tee Kit
Netafim FlexNet Reducing Coupler Kit
Netafim FlexNet Coupler Kit
Netafim FlexNet Submain Pipe
Bhyve Indoor Wi-Fi Controller
Bhyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer
Hunter I-25 Commercial Rotor
Netafim 2" Quick-Acting Relief Valve
Netafim Pressure Reducing Valve w/3-Way Pilot & Solenoid
Netafim Woodpecker JR PC Emitter
Amiad AMC Filter Flushing Controller
Amiad Downstream Valve Kit for TAF Filter
Amiad 2"T-S & 3" T Plastic Filter Element
Hunter Mini-Clik Rain Sensor
Netafim 4-Way Assembly w/Drip Sticks
Gear Operated Wafer Butterfly Valve
Munro LP Series Centrifugal Booster Pump
Amiad TAF-750E Series Filters
FERTI-MAXX Sugar by EZ-Flo
Dema TF-5 & TF-10 Stand Legs
Dema TF-5 & TF-10 Mounting Bracket
Hunter AC Solenoid for Irrigation Valves
Hunter Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor
Hunter Wireless Rain/Freeze-Clik Sensor
Perma-Loc Tubing Male Hose Threads Adapter
Jain Clik-Tif PC Dripper w/CNL, 0.5 GPH
Irritrol Rain Dial-R Module Assembly
Mazzei PVDF Venturi Injector
Schedule 40 PVC Reducer Bushing, Spigot x FPT
PE Tube .270" ID, Length 3'
Senninger Winged Hose Barb Bushing Taper
Senninger .270 Super Barb x Taper
Hunter HC Flow Meter
Irritec .620" x .710" PC Polyethylene Dripline-12967
Hunter PGP Ultra Rubber Cover
Corona Replacement Spring for AG 5050
Amiad Replacement Disc Filter Element for 2" T-S Plastic Filter
Amiad Mini Sigma Automatic Filter
TF-10 Replacement Piston Bar, 2% & 5%, by Dema
TF-10 Engine Assembly Kit
Faucet Mounted Slide Valve Actuated Proportioner by Dema
Amiad T Super Brushaway Kit with CIK
Amiad 2" T-Super Filter w/Brushaway Assembly
Trident Premier AG Batch Blending System by Dema
Senninger Wobbler and Xcel-Wobbler Nozzle Carrier
Dig Adjustable Spike Assembly w/ 8" Riser
Flag Dripper
MixRite TF25 Replacement Seal Kit
Trident AG Batch Blending System by Dema
Hunter Pro Spray Shut Off Cap
Irritec Male Hose Thread x Socket/Spigot Adapter
Kinked or Damaged Vinyl Tubing
Hunter PGP Spring Seat Ring
RainBird R-Van Rotary Nozzles
Schedule 40 PVC FHT Swivel x Socket/Spigot Adapter
Hunter Wireless Solar Sync
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Reducing Tee
EZ-Flo 1 Gallon Replacement Tank
Aqualine Schedule 80 PVC 3/4" Nipples
Irritec Socket/Spigot x Perma-loc Tape Valve
Hunter Antenna Extension Kit
Hunter HCC Retrofit Kit for ICC & ICC2
568 AG Replacement Cylinder
Irritec Perma-loc Tape Flushing Valve
Senninger Replacement Nozzles for Mini-Wobbler
Claber 4 Way Faucet Manifold
1/2" Blu-Lock X Street Ell
Barb Tubing x FPT Reducing Tee Adapter
Replacement Tip for DIG Deluxe Punch
Suction Cylinder Kit w/ O-ring for TF-10 Models
Antelco Frame Jets
Senninger UP3 i-Wob2
Senninger Replacement Nozzle for T-Spray
Wire Tie Tool by Irritec
Galvanized Wire Ties by Irritec
.520" x .620" Polyethylene Tubing
Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valve by Irritec
Continuous Automatic Combination Air Vent by Irritec
Spigot x Insert Adapter for Layflat/Oval Hose
Aluminum Air Vent by Irritec
Senninger Inverted Mini-Wobbler
Toro Cleanable Dripper
Orbit Cut-Off Riser Extension
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing High Flow Flush Valve
Toro Turbo Plus II PC Cleanable Emitters
MixRite TF Series Universal On/Off Assembly Kit
MixRite TF-25 Replacement Suction Hose Connector Kit
K-Rain Replacement Filters for KVF Nozzles
Senninger Xcel-Wobbler Replacement Nozzles
Claber Replacement O-Ring
Jain Replacement O-Ring for Spin Clean Filter
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Elbow Adapter
Dema Backflow Preventer ASSE 1055B Certified
Hunter 3500 Series MP Rotator -Adj 90 -210
Irritec Replacement O-Ring for Canister Filter
Irritec Filter Replacement O-Ring for Screen
EZ-Flo Fertilizing System
DIG EXL Series Fogger
K-Rain Solenoid Replacement Kit
Mixrite TF25 Suction Check Valve Repair Kit by Dema
EZ-FLO Universal Dip Tube Set
EZ-Flo Cap Repair Kit
Claber AquaMagic Replacement Drippers
Jain Cascade Thin Walled Emitterline
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Female Pipe Thread Swivel Adapter
Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Upright w/Barb
Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Upright w/1/2" MPT
Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Inverted w/Barb
Jain Green Spin Assembly
EZFlo Replacement Agitation & Pickup Fitting
EZFlo Replacement Agitation Fitting
Amiad Stainless Steel Replacement Screen for 3/4" & 1"
Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Inverted w/1/2" MPT
Global Rigid Riser with 1/4" barb
RainBird Falcon Rotor Part-Circle Pattern
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Tee x 1/2" MPT Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Elbow x 1/2" MPT Adapter
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Male Threads 'Y' Adapter
Bowsmith Top Hat
EZ-Flo Replacement Flow Disc Kit
VermisTerra Earthworm Castings
Bowsmith SL200 Series Non-Clog Drippers
Claber Replacement Wiring Bridge for Rain Sensor
Claber Oasis Replacement Filter
Claber Oasis Replacement Watering Device
Claber Oasis Replacement Dripper
Claber Aquauno Timer Battery Wires
Claber Duplo Replacement Battery Wire
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Elbow
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Coupler
Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Tee
Orbit Auto Drain Valve
Organic VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea
Bowsmith Fan-Jet Assembly on 13" Spike
Bowsmith Inverted Fan-Jet Assembly
Bowsmith Fan-Jet Microsprinkler
RainBird SBN-1 Straight Bore Nozzle
Rainbird 20JH 1/2" Impact Sprinkler
Murray Clamp Key
Murray Keystone Pinch Clamps
Murray Keystone Pinch Clamp Crimp Tool
Senninger Xi-Wob UP3
Senninger Xcel UP3 Wobbler TOP
Schedule 40 PVC FPT Coupler w/Stainless Steel Collar
Schedule 40 Reducing Bushing
Buna-N Cam Gaskets (NBR) by Munro
Replacement Handles for Metal Cam Fittings by Munro
Female Cam x Hose Shank by Munro
Male Cam x Hose Shank by Munro
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Bullhead Tee
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Reducing Coupler
Hydro-Rain 1/2 inch Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Tap
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Body
Senninger UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier
Senninger UP3 Color Coded Nozzles
Senninger i-Wob 3/4" NPT without Nozzle
Schedule 80 PVC T.B.E. Close Nipples
Senninger Magnum Weight
Senninger One Weight
Zip Fill n Go Tree Water Bag by GCI
Mazzei Suction Line Kits w/ Injectors
Hunter I-20 Riser Seal
Orbit Digital Watering Timer
DEEP DRIP Watering Stakes
Mazzei Suction Line Kit w/ Liquid Flowmeter
Mazzei Liquid Flowmeter
Mazzei F-30 Flow Meter
Gardener's Choice 2 oz. Pro Black Spun-Bond Landscape / Filter Fabric by GCI
Landscaper's Choice Premium 5oz. Woven Landscape Fabric by GCI
Nurserymen's Choice - Premium Woven Ground Cover w/Stripes every 12" by GCI
GCI Frost/Germination Blanket
Pro-Spun Landscape Fabric by GCI
Munro Submersible Sump 1/7 hp
Munro Pond-Residential Submersible Pump
Polyethylene Tubing Repair Tape
Replacement Nozzle for Hunter PGP ADJ Rotor
Replacement Nozzles for Hunter PGJ Rotors
Irritec Drip Clip Punch/Installation Tool
Dema 633 Blend Center Single Station Dispenser
Replacement Nozzles for Hunter Ultra Rotors
Replacement Nozzle Rack for Toro T5
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing X Socket / Spigot Adapter
Irritec Garden Hose Washer
Replacement Lock & Key for Irritrol Total Control Series Controller Cabinet
Replacement Key for Irritrol RainDail-R Cabinet
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Cap
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Swivel X 1" FPT
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Swivel X 1" MPT
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Swivel X 1" Slip Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Swivel Coupling
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Swivel w/O-Ring x 1" MPT
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 x Blu-lock Transition Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Manifold
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 Universal DC Pigtail Solenoid Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 DV Solenoid Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 HRB/PEB Solenoid Adapter
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 Moisture Sensor Module
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 Solar Power Module
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 DC Battery Powered Solenoid
Hydro-Rain HRC 990 DC Controller
Underhill RollerPro
Underhill Tracker Traveling Sprinkler
Underhill ShortyPro Hose
Hunter DC Latching Solenoid
Pressure Regulating Plastic Y Filter
Aqualine 0-200 PSI Pressure Gauge
Aqualine Lead Free Brass Ball Valve W/ Test Port
Aqualine Brass Ball Valves (Lead Free)
Aqualine Brass Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
Hunter PRO-HC Outdoor Wi-Fi Controller
Aqualine 3/4" Adjustable Circle Impact Sprinkler
Aqualine 1/2" Adjustable Circle Impact Sprinkler
Aqualine FPT X MHT Brass Hose Bibb (Lead Free)
Aqualine MPT X MHT Brass Hose Bibb (Lead Free)
Manifold Fitting: MPT x MPT Nipple
Aqualine Schedule 80 PVC 1/2" Nipples
Brass Hose X Pipe Adapter
Lead Free Brass PRV6 Pressure Reducer by Aqualine
Double Union PRV4 Lead Free Brass Pressure Reducer by Aqualine
Lead Free PRV3 Brass Pressure Reducer by Aqualine
Brass 3/4" FHT X FHT
Brass 3/4" MHT x MHT
Hydro-Rain HRZ 1" All-In-One Drip Control Zone
Brass 3/4" Hose End Vacuum Breaker
2 Sided Sprinkler Spike by Aqualine
Garden Hose Saver
Mazzei Suction Assembly
Mazzei Injector Bypass & Suction Kit
Mazzei Black Polypropylene Injectors
Antelco Cfa AgSpray
Jain Lateral Flush Valve, 1/2" MPT
Replacement Transformer Cover for Ez Pro 8600 Series
ADV Gasket for 6000e Rotor
Signature Low Angle Nozzle for 6000e Rotor
K-Rain ProSeries 100 Female Fitting Valve
3/4" Hose Thread Pressure Regulator
K-Rain ProSeries 100 Male Fitting Valve
K-Rain Hardwired Rain-Freeze Sensor
K-Rain Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor w/ RF Module
K-Rain Wireless Rain & Freeze Sensor
K-Rain Nozzle Changer Clip
Galcon DC 2 Wire Controller
MixRite 500 Series Engine Spring Kit
MixRite Chemical Check Valve
MixRite 1410 Lip Seal Kit
MixRite Wall Mounting Bracket
MixRite Chem Check Valve Kit
Jain Replacement Filter Screen for Spin Clean Filters
Jain Replacement Spin Plate for Spin Clean Filters
Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x FPT Tee Adapter