WeedGuard 23\" x 23\" Sheets

WeedGuard 23" x 23" Sheets

*** Discontinued product ***

Product Description

Handy Size Garden Sheets, 23" x 23.  There are 25 perforated sheets per package.

WeedGuard is a 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season. This new mulch effectively eliminates weeds, helps reduce erosion, can moderate soil temperatures and can be worked into the soil after the growing season.

WeedGuard is porous so it allows water, air and nutrients to pass through. It is also durable and can withstand heavy rain. WeedGuardPlus is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for plastic mulches.

WeedGuard is a matting material made from all natural cellulose fibers. Unlike, synthetic weed barriers, WeedGuard is composed of eco-effective, renewable resources.

  • Excellent weed prevention
  • Gives your vegetables and plants an earlier and healthier start
  • Opaque Material Blocks Sunlight = Prevents Weeds
  • No Weeding = Less Work, Better Results, More Enjoyment
  • No Weeds = More effective and efficient watering & irrigation
  • Naturally Porous = Allows water and air to penetrate into the soil
  • Naturally Porous = No run-off, wasted water or soil erosion
  • Naturally Decomposes through the Season = No plastic clean-up
  • Natural Composition = Can be tilled and plowed into the soil
  • Can Help Moderate Soil Temperatures = Better start = Better Yields
  • Soil Colored = Visually blends with soil
  • Made from renewable resource
  • Made in the USA
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