Watering Rock by JCPJ Enterprises

Watering Rock by JCPJ Enterprises

Product Description

Watering Rocks

Does your landscape have an area that your irrigation system doesn’t water and you are looking for an alternative to daily hand watering?  Watering Rock may be the answer you are looking for.

The watering rock is a portable, gravity feed drip system. Each rock holds close to 5 gallons of water. The kit includes 15 feet of ¼" polyethylene drip line,  6 adjustable drippers, 5 - ¼” T connectors, 2 -¼” threaded barbs and 2 -¼” line stakes. The 5 gallon reservoir will continually release water at the rate you set the adjustable drippers to, until the reservoir is empty. Water and additives are easily added through holes located on the top back side of the rock. 

Great for new plantings that may suffer from lack of water and nutrients during their initial transplant period. Forgetting to water that sensitive plant, no longer a problem with Watering Rock, place it, fill it, and forget it. The rock will do the rest. Your plants will love you for it.


  • Works as a portable drip system package
  • The Watering Rock is made of polyethylene HDPE plastic and holds almost 5 gallons of water
  • The Watering Rock measures 15”Lx14"Wx12"H
  • Can easily be filled from the covered hole in the back of the rock
  • Is lightweight and easy to move or ship
  • No electric needed
  • UV resistant and durable
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