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VermisTerra Earthworm Castings

VermisTerra Earthworm Castings

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VermisTerra® Earthworm Castings

This product is certified Organic by USDA & CDFA as safe for organic farming, edible crops and gardens. VermisTerra Earthworm Castings are pure with no added compost or fillers. Each batch is lab tested to be free of pathogens. All VermisTerra products are completely natural, safe for the environment, non-toxic - so safe for indoor use also and will not burn plant leaves.

VermisTerra Organic Worm Castings come in 2 different formulations: 

  • Standard Earthworm Castings are a stable plant nutrient and quality soil amendment. Great for all types of plants including vegetables, trees, flowers.
  • Premium Castings are super fine. Originally formulated for commercial greenhouses, these castings are aged and more pure than most competitors. The fine nano particles of worm castings are ideal for seed starting, houseplants, and indoor growing.

Benefits of using VermisTerra® Earthworm Castings include: 

Improves Soil Structure - Microbes create porous spaces in the soil allowing more oxygen to penetrate into the soil for increased biological activities to occur. Thus allowing plant roots to spread into the soil more easily.  Well structured soil absorbs water better and retains water for longer periods.

High in Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes - The active bacteria and microbes in worm castings, created during the digestive process, assist in creating the healthy living soil which is the perfect environment for healthy plants. The organic waste is also deodorized during the digestive process, neutralizing odor, giving a fresher more natural smell than synthetic fertilizers or manure.

Regulates Plant Nutrients - Humic acid in earthworm castings free up nutrients in the soil to make the nutrients immediately available for plants. Unlike earthworm castings, synthetic fertilizers and animal manure must be broken down in the soil before the plants can absorb the nutrients.

Protects Against Pests and Disease - Healthier, less stressed plants are able to defend themselves against pests and disease so you don't have to use harmful pesticides and herbicides. 

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