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Underhill TurfSpy Early Stress Detection Glasses

Underhill TurfSpy Early Stress Detection Glasses

Product Description

Early detection of plant stress, disease, drought conditions and weed invasion can save your plants and turf plus save you frustration and money. TurfSpy glasses, with stress detection technology (developed by NASA), help you detect problems before it’s too late.

Here’s how it works: Dying vegetation absorbs and reflects sunlight differently than when its healthy. The earliest signals occur at the outer limits of the human visual spectrum, and are rendered invisible compared to the predominant middle wavelengths. TurfSpy™ filters the light in the center so that fringe spectra, which show early plant stress, becomes visible.


  • Shatterproof/polycarbonate, ANSI approved safety lens
  • Wrap around style limits ambient light for optimal detection
  • Sport frame design with adjustable earpiece
  • Includes a lightweight case 
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