Underhill Precision Cloudburst Hose Nozzle

Underhill Precision Cloudburst Hose Nozzle

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Underhills Precision “Specific Task” Nozzles with solid metal construction, deliver millions of soft uniform water droplets providing a rapid, yet gentle water application over a wide range of flow rates. The Cloudburst nozzle is designed for dry spots, area drenching or applying wetting agents. At 35+ GPM flow rate, from soft watering to powerful drenching, the Cloudburst Precision nozzle is designed to fully irrigate without disturbing turf, dirt, seeds, etc…, providing a precise solution for hand watering applications.


  • Solid Brass, Machined Construction
  • Emits a solid cone pattern
  • Rubber-tipped ends made for commercial use and longevity
  • 3/4" FHT Inlet can attach directly to a hose or to a high-flow control valve
  • Unique "fish-mouth" design ensure uniform and even distribution pattern 
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