Underhill EasyOut Spray Head Removal Tool

Underhill EasyOut Spray Head Removal Tool

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EasyOut Quick Fix spray head removal tool fits all major sprinkler spray body brands with 1/2" NPT inlet size and simplifies head removal (2” to 12” sprays) for repairs or modifications. The EasyOut tool can be used to replace a broken sprinkler, add a fitting to increase height, cap off unwanted heads, or convert heads to drip line.  EasyOut saves time and prevents damage to turf and landscape. The EasyOut kit includes an alignment rod that prevents dirt from entering the piping system and heavy-duty removal tool with hex head at the bottom end.


  • EasyOut tool removes sprinkler spray body in 3 minutes or less
  • Two sizes available (ordered separately) depending on body/pop-up height
  • Threaded Rod Length for 2" - 6" model is 12"
  • Threaded Rod Length for 2" - 12" model is 18"
  • Small compact size enables these to be carried on maintenance trucks or in tool boxes

Please Note: This tool is not intended for use with rotor style sprinklers.

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