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Trident Premier AG Batch Blending System by Dema

Trident Premier AG Batch Blending System by Dema

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Trident AG Batch Blending system is now available to professional growers who want the same batch blending opportunities as used in professional laundry operations. As always, Dema is on top of their game, with the ability to operate two different sized pumps at the same time on the new Trident AG Batch Blending System. Allowing a wider range of dosing formulas meeting all your needs. This model includes three (3) large pumps and six (6) standard pumps. The large pump can pump up to 50 ounces per minute while the standard pump can pump up to 16 ounces per minute. The Trident AG is an automated dosing system for growers using multiple nutrients. The modular design allows up to nine different nutrients, plus water, to be used at one time. Nine individual dosing pumps will precisely add the desired amount of your nutrients or supplements, easily controlled through bluetooth technology right from your smart device or PC. The Trident AG can store up to 100 different formulas, providing optimal feeding schedules to meet the needs of your crops under different circumstances or stages of development. The Trident AG saves time and money through reduced labor and less wasted nutrients. Accurate dosing of your custom nutrient blend - every time! 

System Includes:

  • Trident Main Module
  • 9 Quick change pumps: 3 - large 45 - 50 ounces per minute; 6 - standard 16 ounces per minute
  • One Flush Manifold
  • DIN Rail for easy mounting of the quick change pumps and control module
  • Pro-Access Control Module 
  • Pro-Select Formula Selector Remote
  • Dema Connect APP for bluetooth connectivity


  • Easy on board programming or smart device/PC via bluetooth technology
  • Modular design accommodates up to nine pumps and a flush manifold
  • Data collection and reporting through DEMA Connect app
  • Durable ABS enclosures
  • 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz with auto-switching power supply
  • 24 VDC 105 rpm gear motors

Pro-Access Control Module with bluetooth technology puts the programming, formula storage and control right in your hands. Bluetooth technology using the Dema APP lets you create, store and select up to 100 dosing formulas from your smart device or PC. Easy on board programming is also available using the push buttons on the front of the Pro-Access Control Module.


  • One control module can control up to 8 pump stands
  • Incorporate your logo and brand in full color
  • Easily connects via Bluetooth to smart devices and PCs

Pro-Select Formula Selector is a hand held remote for easily selecting or changing formulas as your operation needs change. 


  • Multi-line display for formula names and load counts
  • Connect to the Pro-Connector to the Trident pump stand (see instructions for details)
  • Formula activation and emergency stop

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