Toro Evolution AG Wireless Handheld Remote

Toro Evolution AG Wireless Handheld Remote

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EVO-HH Wireless Handheld Remote Add-On. Using the Handheld Remote Add-On, you will quickly realize a savings in both time and money and keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

The EVO-HH system is designed exclusively for the Evolution Series Controller, allowing the user to remotely control watering and auxiliary zones. The user can walk the site, testing, troubleshooting, and/or providing supplemental watering without walking back to the controller every time.  The EVO-HH also has a backlit display allowing the user to perform maintenance after sunset.


  • Provide individual zone schedules or ON/OFF schedules
  • Mini USB port for upgrades to features or access to data
  • Water resistant case
  • Battery level indicator
  • Set maximum zone count to match EVO controller


Note: Works with EVO AG Controllers outfitted with optional Smart Connect receivers.

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