Toro Evolution AG Soil Sensor Probe

Toro Evolution AG Soil Sensor Probe

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TORO Wireless Soil Sensor Probe 

The Toro Precision Soil Sensor continuously measures moisture levels in the soil and determines when to allow the irrigation controller to water, maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system. There are two: wireless components to the system, a receiver that hooks up to the irrigation controller, and a sensor that installs in the ground. Any time the moisture level exceeds the user-defined optimum level for the plant material, the controller is prevented from running any irrigation programs.


  • Up to 500’ line of sight wireless communication
  • Freeze detection function prevents irrigation when temperatures approach freezing
  • Sensor will automatically detect the soil type and adjust the calculations accordingly
  • Led on the sensor probe indicate radio signal strength to assist in finding the best location
  • Sensors probes low profile allows you to avoid damage with mowing equipment


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