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3/4 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb

3/4 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb

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Product Description
  • For use with 1/4" misting line, cut misting line in the place where you want to position your misting nozzle and insert the straight portion of the 1/4" line tee. Push a small piece (1" to 2") of 1/4" misting line into the bottom of the line tee and push the barbed end of the misting nozzle in to secure.
  • For use with 3/8" misting line, punch a hole in the line with a hole punch and insert barbed end of mister. Mister should be installed at 120 degree angle to the ground, 3 to 4 apart.
  • 360 degree pattern. Use this mister with line pressures of 35-80 psi to reduce the ambient air temperature. Each mister-fogger covers an area of 2'-4' with a droplet size of 60-80 microns.