Tempo Square Catch Basin

Tempo Square Catch Basin

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The Square Catch Basin is manufactured from UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). A catch basin is used to collect and disperse excess water to help prevent possible damage to landscapes from standing water. This catch basin is available with multiple side openings and one optional opening on the bottom which can be cut out along the perforations. Also, there are 4 small perforated drainage holes on the bottom of the basin which you cut out to remove standing water in the sump area. A variety of basin adapters attach to the openings to connect to 3" & 4" Sewer & Drain Pipe, 3" & 4" Corrugated Pipe or 3" & 4" Triple Wall Pipe or to connect to 6" Sewer & Drain Pipe and 6" Corrugated Pipe. A Basin Plug can be used to close off any unused openings. To raise the height of basin to grade, use a Basin Riser. For theft and vandalism prevention the basin comes with 4 holes to allow grate to be secured to basin. Great for using in grass areas, flower beds, decks, driveways, golf courses, medians, etc.


  • UV stabilized to protect from sun degradation
  • Two or four side panel openings plus a perforated opening at the bottom of the basin
  • Has four 5/8" optional drain holes at the bottom of the basin
  • Includes a sump area to allow sediment to settle in basin, minimizing clogging
  • Includes 4 screw holes to secure grate to basin
  • Made in the USA
Specifications9" Square Basin12" Square Basin18" Square Basin
Dimensions9.25"L x 9.25"W x 9.75"H12.25"L x 12.25"W x 12.75"H17.75"L x 17.75"W x 18.25"H
Weight2.00lbs3.70 lbs9.10 lbs
Basin Capacity2.2 gallons5.10 gallons16.70 gallons
Sump Capacity0.45 gallons1.25 gallons4.90 gallons
Drain Hole Diameter5/8"5/8"5/8"
Compatible Grates9" Flat/Atrium12" Flat/Atrium18" Flat
Riser9" Square Basin Riser12" Square Basin RiserN/A


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