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Tempo Inline Dripper

Tempo Inline Dripper

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Product Description

Inline Drippers have two barbed connections and are designed for use with 1/4" micro tubing (.170" ID x .250" OD) to create a run of drippers by installing in-line and then plugging the end of the run with a 1/4" goof plug. The drip point is located in the flat disc center of the emitter. Creating a ring is also a great way to water trees or larger shrubs. Ideal for anywhere you want a consecutive run of drippers on one line of 1/4" micro tubing. Different flow rate emitters can be mixed in the same run to meet all your watering needs as long as you do not exceed the capacity (30 GPH) of the 1/4" micro-tubing. *Tubing in images is for display purpose only, not included with dripper. 


  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 10 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 30 PSI
  • Turbulent flow path reduces clogging
  • Flow is either direction
  • Constructed of UV resistant engineering grade plastic material
  • Color coded for easy flow rate identification

Discharge rates at various operating pressures:

Nominal Flow RateMax # allowed in Single Run*15 PSI20 PSI30 PSI
0.5 GPH300.60 GPH0.70 GPH0.90 GPH
1.0 GPH150.90 GPH1.05 GPH1.35 GPH
2.0 GPH101.40 GPH1.60 GPH2.10 GPH

*Based on average of 12″ spacing between emitters.

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