Spot-Spitter Downspray

Spot-Spitter Downspray

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Product Description

The SPOT-SPITTER DS (DownsSpray) uses a patented new design to create a unique spray pattern ideal for smaller containers. A specially contoured deflector plate directs the spray downward toward the soil instead of outward against the container wall. The result is a more uniform pattern around the root zone of the plant with minimal waste. Also unique to the SPOT-SPITTER DS, a patented U-Groove reduces the impact of tubing properties on the shape of the spray pattern.

Advantages of the DS over competitive products include:

  • Uniform root zone coverage
  • Uniform flow rates, less dependent on tubing
  • Reduced overspray and runoff
  • Color coded flow rates, consistent with AG
  • Tough, UV-inhibited acetal material

Product Specifications