Spliced 1/4\" Dripline

Spliced 1/4" Dripline

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Product Description

NOTE: This tubing has at least one spot per roll that has been coupled together to create a 100' roll.

1/4" drip line is tubing with 1/2 GPH emitters embedded into the tubing at preset spacings, which are every 6" or 12".  This commercial grade poly drip line is made of the highest quality resins and is resistant to UV rays.

This tubing is great for:

  • Garden rows (less than 30 ft.)
  • Raised beds  
  • Window boxes
  • Densely planted landscape areas
  • Creating tree rings
  • Square foot gardening

This drip line also works well with gravity and low-pressure drip systems as long as the water is clean and filtered, and a minimum of 5 PSI can be achieved.