Solid Brass Hose Thread Shut Off Valve by Underhill

Solid Brass Hose Thread Shut Off Valve by Underhill

Product Description

This heavy duty, full port, shut-off valve is one of the best hose valves on the market. Designed by Underhill, a leader in golf course and sports field watering products, and built for easy thumb action operation. This high flow 3/4" hose thread valve is the ideal option for use with Underhill high flow nozzles. Durable design with large O-ring inlet seal for low friction loss and high flow operation is built to withstand extreme pressure and temperature. Item is manufactured in Taiwan.


  • Solid Brass construction with stainless steel ball shut-off
  • Easy thumb control on/off operation
  • 3/4" FHT inlet can attach directly to a garden hose
  • 3/4" MHT outlet for attaching standard hose thread nozzles and sprayers
  • Up to 23 GPM (gallons per minute) flow
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Product Specifications
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