Signature 8250 Series Web Based ET Indoor Irrigation Controller & Timer

Signature 8250 Series Web Based ET Indoor Irrigation Controller & Timer

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Product Description

The EZ Connect™ 8250 controller from signature Control Systems is designed to provide flexibility, ease-of-use, and power. The EZ Connect™ 8250 controller is equipped with an integrated 10Mbit ethernet port, so you can directly connect it to an existing local area network (LAN or WLAN) via a direct wire connection, powerline adapter of Wi-Fi bridge.  The 8250 contains powerful diagnostic, flow monitoring, solenoid fault detection and the capability for email notification. When equipped with the optional Intelligent Watering Software, approved by WaterSense®, this controller can fine-tune your irrigation system and precisely irrigate each microclimate individually by programming in all gardening features of the irrigated landscape, thereby saving you water, time, and money. Pair that with the ability to remotely access the controller from anywhere in the world using the SIGNATURE SHARE™ app (iOS® or Android™), and you can see why this series offers you the smart way to water.


  • 4 to 12 station indoor controller
  • On-board ethernet port for wired connection, or compatible with third-party Wi-Fi or powerline adapters
  • No complex keypad or display
  • Access and monitor sites remotely from any smart or Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • Two expansion ports for future enhancements
  • Downloaded programs are stored in the controller and available 24/7 on Signature’s secure server

Additional Features:

  • Two sensor inputs capable of monitoring optional moisture, flow, temperature, rain, and wind meters
  • One master valve/pump start
  • Flexible programming:
    • Stackable start times (four start times per program)
  • 12 independent programs 
  • 24 events per program
  • True calendar clock (Leap-year compatible)
  • Three watering schedule options: 12-month calendar; odd/even; interval (1 to 31 days)
  • Zone run time options:
    • One minute to 11 hours 59 minutes
  • Cycle test; manual test with manual advance
  • Non-volatile memory stores programs without AC power or batteries
  • Two AA batteries (not included) keep correct time for one year

WaterSense labeled only when this product is used with Signature Share Intelligent Package 

Signature Control Systems, Inc. acquired Nelson Turf in September of 2008.
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