Signature 6700 Pro Impact sprinkler

Signature 6700 Pro Impact sprinkler

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Signature 6700 Pro Impact Sprinkler

The Signature Pro Impact sprinkler with a sturdy plastic reinforced ribbed design has an adjustable arm spring for low-pressure and low-gallonage operation.  Has a double weighted arm for slower rotation and an increase in throw distance.


  • Seven interchangeable, color-coded nozzles including 2 low-angle nozzles.
  • No tools required to change the nozzles.
  • Very powerful reverse action.
  • Full-circle or adjustable arc 20° to 340°.
  • Distance controller diffuser pin.
  • Multi-function, pressure-activated wiper seal.
  • Inlet filter screen.
  • Combination 1/2" or 3/4" bottom inlet 
  • Side inlet 1/2" - Serviceable through the top of the case