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Signature 6500 Pro Series Rotors

Signature 6500 Pro Series Rotors

Product Description

Signature 6500 Pro Series

  • Constructed of high impact plastic with all internal metal parts made of stainless steel.
  • 1" (2.4mm) inlet.
  • No tools are needed to adjust the arc from 40° – 360° by using the easy to use Click-Set disc.
  • Comes with 4 interchangeable nozzles with a discharge range of 2.8 - 13.2 gpm (10.6 - 50 l/min).
  • All models come with a rubber protective cap and an optional vandal resistant retaining screw.
  • A built-in slip clutch protects the gears and motor from damage when adjusting for a part circle. It will automatically reset to the defined pattern if the rotor is manually moved out of position.
  • NIR2 (Nozzle Insertion/Radius Reduction) eliminates the need to remove the cap while fine tuning the radius and inserting the nozzle.

Choose the right Signature rotor for your application
Spacing 18'-32'      
Spacing 30'-51'      
Spacing 44'-60'      
Spacing 41'-63'      
Spacing 53'-74'     
Spacing 72'-86'      
Commercial/ Municipal
Athletic Fields
High Vandalism Area
Low Pressure Systems     
Riser Mounted     
Ground Cover/Shrubs     
Reclaimed Water
High Rotation Speed     
*Please note: Signature Control Systems, Inc. acquired Nelson Turf in September of 2008.
Product Accessories
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