7/8\" Chapin Deluxe Drip Tape by Jain

7/8" Chapin Deluxe Drip Tape by Jain

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With over 50 years of experience, Chapin is an industry leader in providing high quality drip tape with the largest flow path, best Cvs, and greatest strength in any wall thickness of tape. The continuous filtration channel keeps debris away from the flow path and allows it to purge by flushing, ensuring the highest performance and extending the life of the tape.

This model is 10 mil, 12" spacing with a flow rate of 0.65 GPM/100' in a 4,500' roll.


  • Turbulent flow path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to clogging
  • Exclusive continuous inlet filter (10,000 filters per 100') channel offers extremely high resistance to clogging
  • Multiple inlet orifices ensure continuous water flow to each dripper
  • Slit design outlet helps prevent root intrusion and soil ingestion
  • Longer flow path ensures true drip flow
  • A low emitter exponent will reduce the variation in flow as the pressure increases on steep slopes
  • Easy retrieval from field at end of season
  • Stringent quality standards at every stage of production ensures a high quality product
  • Reinforced packaging to ensure smooth handling in the field and during transportation 
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