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Senninger Xcel-Wobbler

Senninger Xcel-Wobbler

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These mid and high angle solid set sprinklers use Senninger's off-center rotary-action (wobbler) technology to produce instantaneous uniform application pattern over large areas which reduces impact on soil structure. Xcel Wobblers produce a gentle, rain-like pattern for excellent wind-drift resistance and minimal evaporation also. The upright balanced design offers smooth, stable operation. 


  • Provides extremely uniform coverage over large diameters at low pressure
  • Only one moving part, which translates to longer product life
  • High Angle (black deflector) trajectory: 24°
  • Mid Angle (white deflector) trajectory: 18°
  • Color-coded nozzles identify orifice size
Wobblers are excellent nursery and greenhouse sprinklers. They have also been proven successful for some frost protection.  

Please Note: The specifications for the higher flow #18 (purple) nozzle are approximate. Diameter of throw is approximately 56'. Recommended spacing is 33' maximum.

#18 Nozzle -  Purple (9/32")10 PSI15 PSI20 PSI25 PSI
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