Senninger Riser Adapter

Senninger Riser Adapter

Product Description

The Senninger Riser Adapters are ideal for mini wobblers or micro-sprinkler systems. Riser Adapters are connected to the laterals allowing the sprinklers on each stake (not included) to be repositioned as needed. The 1/2" female threaded base connection is versatile for many micro-sprinkler components, plus includes 30" of micro tubing with a hose barb connection.


  • No glue or fusing required
  • Suitable for sprinklers or spray nozzles with a 1/2" MPT male base connection
  • Includes 30" of 0.270" PE tubing with a .270" barbed connector
  • Riser adapter suitable for the 14" or 26" Riser Stakes as well as 1/2" PVC, 3/4" PVC, or 5/16" steel rod
  • Use with Senninger Punch for .270" Barb 
Product Accessories
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