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Senninger PRLV Pressure Regulator

Senninger PRLV Pressure Regulator

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Senninger PRLV Pressure Regulators operate a little different than a standard pressure regulator. A Pressure Regulating Limit Valve (PRLV) is designed to control pressure even when there is no flow and can be used when a downstream shut-off valve is needed in your system design. The PRLV has a rubber seal at the seat of the T-stem flow path which closes to regulate downstream pressure to no more than 15 psi higher than the regulating pressure in the system, protecting the components from too high of static (no flow) pressure. We always recommend installing a filter prior to any pressure regulator installation. Not for drinking water, outdoor irrigation use only.


  • Operating Flow Range: 0.5 - 18 GPM
  • Maintains a constant preset outlet pressure at various inlet pressures for optimal applicator operation
  • Low hysteresis and friction loss
  • Several regulating options available in either 3/4" or 1" FPT inlet/outlet size
  • Please note directional flow arrow on body for proper installation

*Please Note: The pressure regulator shall maintain the predetermined operating pressure provided that the inlet pressure is at least 5 psi above the expected outlet pressure, but not exceeding the maximum inlet pressure.

Product Specifications
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