Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Inverted w/Barb

Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Inverted w/Barb

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Senninger Micro-Sprinkler - Inverted w/1/4" barb

Perfect for greenhouse or hoop house watering, the 1/4" barb inlet connection can be inserted directly into poly mainline tubing or with a drop tube connected to your poly mainline tubing.

The outstanding performance in a low volume irrigation system along with easy installation and a wide variety of flow rates to fit your needs, make these a great choice. Senninger micro-sprinklers deliver gentle droplets in a consistent and uniform pattern. Constructed from engineering grade, UV resistant thermoplastics make them durability and long lasting. Inverted micro-sprinklers should be at least 18" below obstructions to help prevent dripping off overhead structures.


  • Bridgeless design eliminates dry spots
  • Deflector is designed for maximized startability and smooth operation
  • Convenient tool free assembly/disassembly for easy cleaning
  • Color coded nozzles for easy identification
  • Recommended Filtration: 150 mesh
  • Two-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance
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