Senninger i-Wob 3/4\" NPT without Nozzle

Senninger i-Wob 3/4" NPT without Nozzle

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Senninger i-Wob 3/4" NPT Pivot Sprinkler without Nozzle

Senninger's tested and proven Wobbler® technology provides the most uniform water application. The rotating, wobbling, grooved deflector produces uniform rain-like droplets over large areas at very low pressure. This gentle application maintains surface integrity of the soil, reducing run-off and wheel tracking. Available in several deflector styles for varying droplet sizes and trajectories to meet the needs of any soil type. Senninger has many nozzle options available (nozzles sold separately) to meet all your needs. See the manufacturer's specifications linked above for further details.


  • Low pressure operation - 10 to 15 PSI
  • 3/4" MPT (male pipe thread) inlet connection
  • Wobbler technology produces low application intensity to preserve soil integrity
  • Optional below-the-nozzle weight placement eliminates the need for heavier, conventional drop weights
  • Many options of the easy-to-change UP3 nozzle available

Please note: The UP3 Nozzles and Exclusive below-the-nozzle weight are both sold separately.


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