Senninger 3\" PRXF Pressure Regulators

Senninger 3" PRXF Pressure Regulators

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Senninger PRXF is an extended flow pressure regulator with 3" female slip connections. With maximum flow rates up to 100 GPM (depending on model) this regulator is ideal for accurate zone pressure regulation. Senninger pressure regulators will maintain a constant preset outlet pressure even with varying inlet pressures, which reduces differences that can disrupt applicator performance. 


  • 100% water tested for accuracy at Senninger’s facilities
  • Very low hysteresis and friction loss
  • Applications include solid-set, low-volume irrigation systems, manifolds and mechanical move systems
  • 2 Year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance

Installation Tips:

  • Do not allow solvent or cement to drip inside the regulator
  • Ensure installation in the proper flow direction. Note flow direction arrow on the regulator body
  • Installing with union connections is recommended should it be necessary to remove the regulator
ModelPreset PressureMaximum Inlet PressureFlow Range
10 PSI90 PSI20 - 80 GPM
PRXF1515 PSI95 PSI20 - 85 GPM
PRXF2020 PSI100 PSI20 - 90 GPM
PRXF2525 PSI105 PSI20 - 95 GPM
Special note: This pressure regulator is not designed to operate under static (constant) pressure. It must be installed after any valves or timers to operate correctly. Using this item under static pressure will eventually weaken the internal spring and cause the regulator to fail.
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