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Senninger 20 Series Impact Sprinkler

Senninger 20 Series Impact Sprinkler

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Senninger 20 Series Plastic Impact Sprinklers are a reliable but economical  choice for smaller sprinkler systems. These 360° sprinklers are available in several trajectory options for just about any application. The great thing about the Senninger Series impact sprinklers is the interchangeable Hand-Tight nozzles. Instead of having to replace the entire sprinkler you can select from several Hand-Tight nozzle sizes to fit your system needs.


  • Three different trajectory models available 
    • 9° - very low angle for fighting wind drift and evaporation
    • 14° - perfect for under tree watering without wetting the canopy
    • 23° - provides the maximum throw perfect for overhead watering
  • Operating Pressure Range: 30 - 50 PSI
  • Several color coded nozzle options, #6 - 9, to meet your needs at various system pressures (see manuf specs for details)
  • Stream height range above nozzle is based on nozzle size and system pressure
    • 9° - 1.5' - 3'
    • 14° - 3' - 5'
    • 23° - 6.5' - 9.5'
  • 1/2" MPT (male pipe thread) connection
  • Includes a built-in hex wrench for easy in-field maintenance

* Please note: Sprinkler performance may vary with actual field conditions. Minimum recommended riser height is 1.5'.

Product Specifications
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