Senninger 2\" Ultra High Flow Pressure Regulator

Senninger 2" Ultra High Flow Pressure Regulator

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Senninger Model PRU - 2” FPT Pressure Regulator - Ultra High Flow

The Senninger PRU – Ultra High Flow series pressure regulator is ideal for installations requiring ultra high flows and accurate zone control.  The compact size makes it ideal for use in a valve box.  One PRU can be used in place of a manifold of multiple smaller regulators.


  • 100% water tested for accuracy at Senninger facilities
  • Dimensions: 9"L x 4.5"W 
  • 2" FNPT Inlet, 2" FNPT Outlet
  • Corrosion resistant materials that can withstand harsh water conditions and chemicals
  • Very low hysteresis and friction loss
  • Large flow path resists plugging
  • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA
Model # Preset Operating Pressure Maximum Inlet Pressure Flow Range
PRU-10 10 psi 90 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-15 15 psi 95 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-20 20 psi 100 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-25 25 psi 105 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-30 30 psi 110 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-40 40 psi 120 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-50< 50 psi 130 psi 20 - 100 gpm
PRU-60< 60 psi 140 psi 20 - 100 gpm

Applications: Commercial Turf, Drip, Nursery, Agricultural Solid Set, Effluent and Industrial Mining Applications

Special note: This pressure regulator is not designed to operate under static (constant) pressure. It must be installed after any valves or timers to operate correctly. Using this item under static pressure will eventually weaken the internal spring and cause the regulator to fail.
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