Schedule 40 Flexible PVC Coupling

Schedule 40 Flexible PVC Coupling

Product Description

The Dura Flexible PVC Coupling is designed for non constant pressure, cold water, outdoor use. Great for repairs! Easy to use! Allows you to easily go over bumps and tree roots and around odd corners. Coupling has slip connections on both ends and comes in convenient 18" lengths. The flexible PVC is not UV resistant. Radius of bend flexibility varies by size. Smaller size is more flexible than larger size. Slip connections require primer/glue.


  • Do not exceed 150 PSI
  • Cold water outdoor landscape applications only
  • Designed for underground use, not UV rated
  • Do not use in constant pressure applications

Selecting the correct size fittings to match your PVC pipe can be confusing if you do not already know what size PVC pipe you have. All plumbing grade PVC should have size and rating information imprinted on the outside of the pipe. PVC pipe is named for the inside diameter, commonly referred to as "a nominal size". If not able to locate this information then simply measuring the inside or outside diameter will help you determine the correct pipe size using the chart below. 

PVC Pipe Size Table

Nominal PVC Pipe Size1/2"3/4"1"1 1/4"1 1/2"2"
Average Inside Diameter0.622"0.824"1.049"1.380"1.610"2.047"
Actual Outside Diameter0.840"1.050"1.345"1.660"1.900"2.375"

Once you determine your PVC pipe size then fitting selection is easy - just match the nominal pipe size to the corresponding fitting size. Example: If your pipe measures 0.824" ID (inside diameter) which is 3/4" PVC pipe, you will select 3/4" PVC fitting.

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