RPZ Backflow Preventer by Dema

RPZ Backflow Preventer by Dema

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Backflow prevention is recommended on all irrigation systems using a shared water source. The 500 Series RPZ Backflow Preventer is designed to supply the most protection against backflow caused by negative pressure or back pressure. Thus reducing the  infiltration of chemicals, fertilizers and/or other pollutants into potable water systems. Designed for reliability and easy maintenance, without the need for special tools. This 500 Series RPZ backflow preventer is built with two independent, easily replaceable, capsulated spring-loaded check valves. The revolutionary, internal Reduced Pressure Zone, located between the check valves, ensures protection and reliable performance of the relief valve.

Note: This item must be installed horizontally to operate properly. 


  • Reduced Pressure Zone provides extra protection against contamination
  • Approved by the leading Standards Authorities worldwide
  • Includes two brass shut-off valves with 3/4" FNPT connections
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to maintain, no need for special tools, only a screwdriver is needed
  • Thread size: 3/4" NPT
  • Made of non-corrosive plastic thermal resin material with stainless steel screws and springs


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