Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape

Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape

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Product Description

Rivulis Reserve is a premium drip tape product designed to better meet the needs of today’s grower. The innovative proprietary production process used to make the unique design and high performance product is like no other drip product on the market. Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape is the ideal drip tape solution for growers who want the best product for their crops. This innovative premium drip tape offers some significant benefits over what’s traditionally been offered. Rivulis Reserve also comes with 2X the warranty and field support by Rivulis.

The four major areas of advanced improvement over traditional drip tape are: 

  • Uniformity
  • Precision
  • Clog Resistance
  • Robust Construction

The unique textured surface provides greater tensile and burst strength, improves performance, all while making installation and retrieval even easier.

Product Specifications
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