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Rhizo-Maxx builds the fine root hair structure of the plant which increases performance and reduces stress. Rhizo-Maxx is a liquid supplement for enhancing all Ferti-Maxx fertilizer products. Made up of organic humic acid and kelp extract. Can be used in combination with fertilizers or alone to address specific plant or landscape needs.  This liquid supplement is sold in 1 gal jug. Use year round, effective in cool, warm, and hot weather. Always read product label and test as recommended.

Ferti-Maxx Liquid Supplement products are designed to be used to enhance a Ferti-Maxx fertilizer products or applied alone to achieve specific results. The Ferti-Maxx supplements are technically a fertility product but allow the ability to address a specific need of the landscape or plant. The addition of a supplement will enhance plant health, improve root systems, or expedite color response with minimal top growth.

*These products are not certified for use in organic food production.

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