RainBird R-Van Rotary Nozzles

RainBird R-Van Rotary Nozzles

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Rainbird has added a new family of rotary nozzles to the line-up in 2018. The R-VAN Rotary Nozzle series has been expanded to include fully adjustable 45° - 270° models, full circle 360° models, and the strip family with left corner, right corner and side strip. The same rotating stream technology with uniform water delivery water at low precipitation rates, to reduce runoff and erosion, make these one of the most efficient models available. The R-VAN line uses fewer models to precisely design your irrigation system. Large water droplets and thicker streams equal more wind resistance, providing better coverage. No tools required, adjustments to arc and radius are made by hand, while sprinkler is operating, plus the "pull-up" top for flushing dirt and debris makes this the easiest to use nozzle ever created. 


  • Matched precipitation across radius, arcs, and pattern types 
  • Adjust arc and radius without tools
  • A pull-up to flush feature clears the nozzle of dirt and debris
  • Color coded and laser marked for easy identification
  • Maintains performance at high operating pressures without misting or fogging
  • Compatible with all models of Rain Bird spray bodies, risers and adapters


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