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Pro-Spun Landscape Fabric by GCI

Pro-Spun Landscape Fabric by GCI

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Product Description

Installing new or updating your landscape? Pro-Spun Landscape Fabric is a great choice for the homeowner. Using landscape fabric reduces unsightly weeds while still allowing water and air through. Also conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation, thus producing healthier plants. Landscape fabric is also used on slopes and hillsides to reduce erosion. It is recommended to cover landscape fabric with some sort of mulch at least 2 - 3 inches deep.

Available in a variety of weights and sizes to meet all your needs:

104 Series Home Choice 1 oz - Great value, very economical, good choice in perennial flower beds.

180 Series ECO Choice 1.5 oz - Better value, heavier fabric weight adds durability meaning longer life, great under trees and shrubs.

395 Series Performance Choice 3 oz - Heavy duty for long life and durability, great for use in foot traffic areas or with gravel/rock mulch and under pavers.

Coverage Area

Roll Size

3 x 50

3 x 100

3 x  250

3 x 300

Sq Ft Coverage

150 Sq Ft

300 Sq Ft

750 Sq Ft

900 Sq Ft

Please Note:  Landscape fabrics are designed to allow air and water to pass through them so plants still receive the water and nutrients necessary for growth and development.  To prevent weed growth beneath the barrier you must cover with several inches of mulch to block out light.  
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