Primerus Pot Dripper Stake

Primerus Pot Dripper Stake

Product Description

The Primerus Pot-Dripper Stake stake connects to a section of 1/4″ dripline to make watering rings of various sizes to fit your containers. The Pot-Dripper stake is made from the same high-quality acetal used for the Spot-Spitter and will last for many years. A unique barbless tapered connector holds the tubing ring tightly but also allows you to easily remove one end of the ring to install it around an existing plant or to remove it when you take a container out of service. The stake also includes a shut-off post, similar to the spot spitter stakes, so you can easily remove the supply tubing from the drip post and slip it over the shut-off post when you do not wish to water that specific pot. The stake uses 1/8" supply tubing, either installed directly into the main supply tubing or, if more precise watering is desired, use a PC CNL drip emitter in the mainline (hub dripper) and connect the 1/8" supply tubing to the outlet of the drip emitter. Whether you are a large greenhouse, nursery or a homeowner, you will love this Dripper Stake.


Simply cut the 1/4" dripline (sold separately) to the appropriate length to fit inside the container, insert each end of the dripline to the barbs on the stake. Then cut the needed length of 1/8" feeder tubing (sold separately) to run between the stake and the mainline. Attach one end of the 1/8" feeder line to the top of the dripper stake and the other end to mainline with an 1/8" coupler (sold separately).

Note:  If you would like to turn your Pot Dripper Stake system into a CNL PC system, you can replace the 1/8" coupler with a CNL PC dripper (sold separately).  You will need to choose the correct flow rate of the dripper to match the flow rate of your ring.  For example. If you have 4 drip emitters on your ring, each with 0.5 GPH flow, you will want to choose a 2 GPH dripper.

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