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Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold

Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold

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Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold with Flow Control

A Complete Micro Irrigation System, 9 Outlet Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold. This item converts standard irrigation systems to low volume water conserving micro irrigation. Replace the existing sprinkler or bubbler installed on any 1/2" riser or fitting. Separate pressure regulation is not necessary since this item automatically reduces inlet pressure. Ideal for planters, patios, or other areas with shrubs, trees or ground cover. Especially useful in a confined area where mixed plant materials are present.


  • Converts standard sprays or bubblers to low volume micro irrigation
  • Especially useful in a confined area where mixed plant materials are present


  • Pressure controlled outlets allow for 1 GPH to 20 GPH from each outlet
  • Fitted with 9 pressure controlled outlets per unit separate pressure regulation is not necessary saves time and money 
  • Each outlet can support drip, micro sprays and/or micro stream bubblers
  • Pattern control option allows individual adjustment of each outlet
  • 1/2" FPT inlet enables retrofitting to existing 1/2" risers or fittings
  • Inlet screen can be removed for cleaning
  • 9 barbed outlets for use with 1/4" tubing (ID of .160 to .188)


  • 1/2" FPT inlet Recommended operating pressure: 20-100 PSI
  • Flow range per PR 25-9PC: .02 to 3.5 GPM (1 GPH to 20 GPH)
  • Pressure regulated range: 21-28 PSI 
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