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Polyethylene Tubing Repair Tape

Polyethylene Tubing Repair Tape

Product Description

Poly Tubing Repair Tape

"Tony Tape" can be used to make repairs in your low pressure polyethylene drip irrigation tubing. No adhesive is needed as the tape will adhere to itself. No need to remove tubing section from system, the repair can be made while water is running. Follow the directions below for quick and easy infield repairs. Maximum system operating pressure must stay below 35 PSI. Instructions are included.

  1. Tear tape and clear paper cover at perforation, perforations are 10" apart.
  2. Remove clear paper from tape.
  3. Start wrap 1/2 width of tape from repair, make one complete wrap pulling tape very tight. Wrap over repair while pulling tape tightly.
  4. Continue wrapping tape back and forth over repair at least one full width on each side of repair while pulling tape lightly.

Note: Please remember to stretch tape tightly while wrapping tubing.

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