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Polyethelene Tubing

Product # 2050

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Product Description

This commercial grade black polyethylene tubing is made of the highest quality resins and is UV resistant. This tubing is the same as used by commercial growers. It can be used for all landscape and gardening applications.  This low-density polyethylene tubing is used to carry water throughout a drip system.  It can handle up to 60 PSI and is not rated for constant pressure.  Tips for Choosing the Proper Poly Tubing for Your Project

  • Made of high quality, low density 7510 polyethylene resin.
  • Resistant to UV rays 

    Please note: These rolls of tubing will arrive tightly wound to help reduce shipping costs. Some dimpling and creasing may be visible on the inside of the roll as well as banding strap indentations. It is a normal occurrence for tightly wound rolls and does not affect the performance or durability of the tubing in any way.

    Tip:  To minimize tangling lay tubing in sun for 40 minutes then stand on edge and unroll.

Tubing SizeInside Diameter (inches)Outside Diameter (inches)Compatible with Drip Depot...
1/8".125.185Barbed 1/8" Fittings
1/4".170.250Barbed 1/4" Fittings
1/2".600.700BarbedCompression & Perma Loc Fittings
3/4".820.940Barbed & Perma Loc Fittings
1"1.201.6Perma Loc Fittings
Product Specifications