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Perma-Loc Tubing End Cap Flush Valve

Perma-Loc Tubing End Cap Flush Valve

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The Flush Valve is a one-way valve used for automatic flushing of the tubing at the beginning and at the end of each irrigation cycle. At the system start up, the flush valve is open allowing water to flush through the tubing. The valve then automatically closes once the system's pressure begins to rise to it's standard operating pressure. At the system shutoff, the valve opens back up allowing water to drain from the tubing.To minimize the risk of drip irrigation or micro sprinkler clogging due to low water quality, it is important to flush your irrigation system from time to time. If your irrigation system needs to be flushed more frequently, this automatic flush valve makes this task effortless

About Drip Depot Perma-Loc Drip Irrigation Fittings:

Perma-Loc fittings are heavy duty reusable connectors, adapters and fittings for all your connection needs. They are very easy to use and require no special tools. Perma-Loc fittings are available for both Tubing and Tape. The Tubing connectors can be used on blank tubing as well as drip line.

  • To use: Simply push tubing or tape over barbed end, then hand-tighten locking nut over tubing or tape for a permanent secure fit.
  • To Remove: Just loosen locking nut, pull tube off and re-use as needed.

Perma-Loc fittings look similar to traditional flange and locking nut plumbing connections; however, in most cases, they work differently. Unlike a typical locking nut, which comes off the fitting and slides over the tubing, a Perma-Loc locking nut is usually not removed from the fitting. The exception to this rule are some of the larger 3/4" and above tubing fittings.  Select a video from above to see how the Perma-Loc drip irrigation tubing and tape fittings work.

Perma-Loc SizeAcceptable Inside Tubing DiameterAcceptable Wall Thickness
3/8 inch.510 to .580 inches.035 to .055 inches
1/2 inch.590 to .630 inches .025 to .050 inches
3/4 inch0.790 to 0.845 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
1 inch1.025 to 1.085 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
Product Specifications