PelletPro Applicator Gun

PelletPro Applicator Gun

Product Description

PelletPro™ Applicator Gun is a heavy-duty surfactant applicator. This product is the finest applicator gun on the market and includes a very durable high flow valve for on/off control and Underhill's Precision Cloudburst spray nozzle. This combination provides high flow with a soft, gentle spray. Just right for applying surfactants on tight, hydrophobic soils. The PelletPro™ accepts all wetting agent tablets.

This works by rotating the pellets at 1 revolution per second to evenly dissolve and apply the wetting agent.


  • Plastic high flow valve with standard 3/4" hose thread connections
  • Flow Rate: 35+ GPM to get the job done faster!
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty construction: brass fittings, aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, precision engineered glass
  • Pellet rotation (1 RPS) evenly dissolves/applies tablets

Kit contains: 

  • Applicator Gun
  • High-flow valve
  • Precision™ Cloudburst™ nozzle
Another option is to use the PelletPro™ Applicator Gun in-line on your water source spigot and just have the valve and nozzle on the end of the hose. Reduces handheld weight when your task is larger than usual.
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