Orbit 3/8\" Brass Slip-Lok Tee

Orbit 3/8" Brass Slip-Lok Tee

Product Description

The Orbit 3/8" Slip-Lok Tee fitting is used to split a misting line off at a 90 degree orientation from your main line. Slip lock fittings are compatible with Orbit 3/8" flexible tubing. Perfect for low or high pressure misting systems. Use to expand your Orbit 3/8" misting kits. Easy to disassemble, just compress the ferrule end towards the fitting body and pull away from tubing. 


  • All brass construction
  • Compatible with Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist systems
  • For outdoor cold water use only 
Please Note: Most of our misting system components are brand specific. All DIG brand misting components are compatible with DIG's Ocean Breeze Misting Systems while most Orbit brand misting components will work in several of the Orbit Misting Kits. The DIG brand is not compatible with the Orbit brand. Please contact our Customer Support agents for assistance.
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