Orbit Cut-Off Riser Extension

Orbit Cut-Off Riser Extension

Product Description

Cut-Off Riser Extensions are just right for repairing your riser or raising your sprinkler up when you just need a couple inches or less. The riser extension has a female threaded connection and male threaded cut-off connection. The flexible plastic material is easy to cut and will flex and bend slightly without breaking. This keeps your sprinkler head safe from damage that may occur from being stepped on or lawn care equipment driving over it. Available in 1/2" NPT which is great for smaller sprinklers and spray bodies with the 1/2" inlet and 3/4" NPT which works well for raising up your larger gear drive sprinklers with the 3/4" inlet.


  • Connect underground pipe to sprinkler heads
  • Easy to cut to desired length
  • Not for use under continuous pressure
  • For outdoor use with cold water only
Product Accessories
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