Orbit Auto Drain Valve

Orbit Auto Drain Valve

Product Description

Reduce the risk of freeze damage to your sprinkler system by installing automatic drain valves at the low points in your system. The plastic automatic drain valve is designed to automatically drain the sprinkler lines when the water is turned off, once the pressure in your lines drops below 5 PSI. An economical solution for damage prevention in the case of unexpected low temperatures before winterizing your sprinkler system. These valves are available with either 1/2" or 3/4" male pipe threads, making them easy to install.


  • Male Pipe Thread connection
  • Opening pressure: 3 to 5 PSI
  • Closing Pressure: 5 PSI
  • For use in outdoor cold water applications only

Quick Tip: When installing any type of auto drain or flush valve in your irrigation system we suggest digging out some of the soil beneath the valve and replacing with gravel for better drainage. 

Product Accessories
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