Netafim VibroNet Sprinkler

Netafim VibroNet Sprinkler

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The VibroNet mist sprinklers are ideal for seed germination. Greenhouse and nursery operators like the precise, uniform distribution of fine droplets across the table. See the design guide linked above for proper placement assistance. The bridgeless design alleviates dripping on the plants below. The unique vibration technology delivers extreme uniformity plus reduces the risk of mineral build-up in the nozzle. This translates to less maintenance!

The blue nozzle is recommended for light misting in seed germination. Excellent uniformity can be achieved with sprinkler spacings between 3’ and 5’, with an elevation of 2’ to 5’. The VibroNet sprinkler can be used upright or upside down. Unit includes the purple pin check valve that opens at 28 PSI and closes at 13 PSI. Unit measures approximately 2 3/4" tall (including the check valve) and only 1" wide.


  • Excellent uniformity on every line
  • Self-cleaning, vibration technology
  • Made of high quality, chemically resistant plastics
  • Recommended Filtration Rate: 120 mesh
  • Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 30 - 45 PSI
  • Sprinkler connection is a press-fit male

Please note: Hanging assembly is sold separately. See Drip Depot SKU 15409 (linked below in accessories).

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