Netafim Techline 17mm Barb x MPT Adapter

Netafim Techline 17mm Barb x MPT Adapter

Product Description

Netafim Techline 17mm Barbed Adapter x 1/2" MPT is used to run the Techline from a 1/2" FPT connection. Very useful when using a PVC pipe header and running the Techline dripline runs laterally off the PVC main creating a manifold type design. 

Netafim's 17mm barbed fittings fit easily and securely without the need for clamps. The durable one-piece construction ensures long life, and these are UV and chemical resistant. The perfect choice for all the Netafim Techline! 

Acceptable hose size for the 17mm barbs is 0.560" - 0.600" ID.

Product Accessories
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