Netafim Super Disc Filter

Netafim Super Disc Filter

Product Description

Netafim Super Disc filter is the perfect solution when you want a little more filtration area but are limited to a 1" or 1-1/2" inlet/ outlet size. Simple design for efficient operation with minimal maintenance. Grooves in the disc rings criss cross, forming a three dimensional network that traps particles. The number of crisscross intersections varies by mesh size selection providing various filtration degrees. The durable plastic disc rings are compressed together during operation providing ample surface area to trap dirt and debris reducing clogging issues in your drip irrigation system. Ideal for average water quality. Rings are easily taken apart for cleaning. The filter includes a spanner wrench to assist with opening the filter body for cleaning.

For assistance with selecting the best mesh or micron size to meet your filtration needs, see these helpful resources on the Drip Depot website.

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Product Specifications
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