Netafim Short (3-3/4\") Angle Arrow Drip Stick

Netafim Short (3-3/4") Angle Arrow Drip Stick

Product Description

The Netafim Short Angle Arrow Drip Stick is just the right size for your small 4" - 5" nursery pots. These measure just 3-3/4" in length. Drip Arrow sticks are compatible with 1/8" micro-tubing with inside diameters of 0.125". Create multi-outlet drip manifolds for watering multiple pots with one dripper.  

To build a multi-outlet drip manifold use a button dripper with a multi-outlet dripper manifold and 1/8" poly micro-tubing, then a drip arrow stick in the end of each manifold tubing run. The drip arrow stick is pushed into the pot medium and holds in place, keeping the water right where you want it, in the pot! 

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