Netafim Pressure Regulating Units

Netafim Pressure Regulating Units

Product Description

Netafim Pressure Regulating Replacement Module for use with Netafim high flow pressure regulators with replaceable modules. Compatible with Netafim 3/4" high flow regulator with single module; 1-1/2" dual module regulator; and 2" four module regulator. This sealed unit is available in several preset pressure ratings for all your needs.

Suggested pressure rating per emitter type:

  • 12 PSI recommended for Thinwall Driplines (driptape)
  • 20 PSI recommended for Non-Compensating Drippers and Spray Stakes
  • 35 PSI recommended for Sprinklers, Misters, Pressure Compensating Drippers, and PC Spray Stakes
  • 65 PSI recommended for Foggers
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Product Specifications
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