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Netafim NetBow Container Drip Ring

Netafim NetBow Container Drip Ring

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Netafim's newest innovation in container watering is the NetBow Multi-Outlet Drip Ring. Designed with high value crop growers in mind, this easy to use dripper ring wets the entire container medium for optimal root development. The typhoon drippers are highly clog resistant and perfect for uniform delivery of water and nutrients. The 10 inch diameter drip ring has eight drip points for superb coverage in a 5 - 10 gallon container while the 5" rings come with 4 drip points for use in smaller pots. Connects to mainline using barbed fitting compatible with the 1/8" micro-tubing. Each typhoon dripper has a flow rate of .53 GPH at 14.5 PSI.  If you want more precise watering you can control drip flow rate using a hub dripper like the Netafim Woodpecker PC or the Woodpecker Jr PC drippers. To use a hub dripper insert the dripper of your choice into the main supply line and run the 1/8" micro-tubing from the dripper outlet to the barb connector on the NetBow drip ring. Use of the press-fit x barbed elbow adapter (linked below) is necessary if using the Woodpecker PC emitters. See easy installation instructions linked above.


  • Diameter of ring available in 10" and 5"
  • Maximum operating pressure: 58 PSI
  • Barb connection size: 5mm / 1/8"
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance
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